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New Black Widow Footage Introduces The Terrifying Taskmaster

Nat's up against one of her toughest foes yet

It's 2020, and you know what that means. It's finally time to soak up more Natasha Romanoff.

Marvel debuted a new trailer for the upcoming solo Black Widow film, and it introduced a terrifying new villain for Widow to totally annihilate: Taskmaster.

The trained mercenary, as we all know, will be no match for Nat (Scarlett Johansson), but it won't be for lack of trying. After first appearing in the '80s in Avengers #195, he's been a sinister character who's capable of copying the abilities of those he faces. So while it might seem he's simply a Widow clone or something similar in the trailer, he's just putting his own powers to good use.

But the new footage isn't all about carnage and destruction, despite the fact that we know our Ms. Romanoff is an expert at bringing the pain. It also features a family reunion of sorts, as Natasha is seen alongside David Harbour's Red Guardian and Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova, who's apparently now known as Romanoff's sister in this film – though she eventually becomes the second Black Widow after Romanoff in the comics. It's unclear if the "sister" part is a cover.

If you haven't kept up with all the Black Widow-centric news, this particular film will act as a prequel to Nat's adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. This new outing for Widow looks like it's going to serve the serious spy movie realness we've been waiting for ever since she made the scene in the first Avengers film. There's also still a whole slew of fan theories about what'll happen in the movie that we want to explore.

Luckily, we won't have to wait much longer to get into any of that. Black Widow is set to drop into theaters on May 1, 2020. Better start your training now.