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Lil Baby Is Poised And Eager To Show And Tell On 'Sum 2 Prove'

He's determined to make his consistency heard

Lil Baby has solidified himself, with songs like "Yes Indeed" with Drake, "My Dawg," and "Close Friends," as one of rap's premier new age hitmakers. Yet he still hasn't hit his pinnacle just yet, and he knows this.

His new song, "Sum 2 Prove," is him vowing to keep going hard for as long as he breathes. It's inspirational, for sure, but what makes it even harder is its no-holds-barred beat. Lil Baby is truly something special.

It can't be stressed enough that "Sum 2 Prove" hits harder than an anvil on Wile E. Coyote's head. Stabbing synths open up the track on a surprising note and it turns into a slugfest once the drums come in with a rapid Floyd Mayweather-like flurry. Lil Baby raps about his reality to start off, casually flexing with, "Businessman, went an got me an office / Million-dollar deals, I get them often." It's a shoulder-shrugging bar, like when the waiter clarifies the price of an expensive menu item and you tell them that you want it.

Seeing red, Lil Baby continues, driven with the hunger to see more. "Lately I been in my bag / Bro told me don't take my foot off the gas," he spits. He builds the song around this idea: He's already shown what he can do, but he's still anxious to prove that he can do even more. It's ironic. The song is called "Sum 2 Prove," and even though he's talking to the industry at large, he proves to the listeners that he can continue his streak of dropping hot songs with ease.

Lil Baby is preparing to drop a new album, My Turn. So far, he's released "Woah," and "Out the Mud" with Future, which are both expected to be on the LP.

Listen to "Sum 2 Prove" up above.