Relationship Alert: Are Floribama's Jeremiah And Mattie A Shore Thing?

Get it?

Jeremiah can see the future: The buff Southerner predicted it was "only a matter of time" before a makeout session ensued with newbie Mattie, and during tonight's MTV Floribama Shore installment, the giraffes two did just that after a night out in an empty raucous bar.

"He's not forcing anything -- he's relaxing and letting me do my thing," Mattie said in an interview pre-smooch, as the pair danced around.

While Codi and Gus exchanged glares as Mattie and Jeremiah became more flirty, Nilsa stared straight into the camera with a priceless expression.

"No one loves a good beach romance like me!" Nilsa stated. "As soon as I see Mattie beeline toward Jeremiah, I'm like, 'Yeah! Go, giraffes, go!'"

Sure, the episode cut as soon as they entered the house post-kiss (DAMN), but could romantic, spaghetti squash-filled dinners be in their future? And before that possibly unfolds, would Mattie call Jeremiah her type?

"Definitely not," Mattie dished to MTV News. "My type kind of changes. I am more into personality and what you do. With him, he was home-schooled and very professional. Kind of a salesperson? I was kind of like. ‘Yeah, no.’ He’s too calm, and I’m like a wild thing. Eventually, he just gave me a different perspective and made me see things from a different point of view."

Are Jeremiah and Mattie a bona fide shore match or a Floribama fizzle? Sound off, and keep watching MTV Floribama Shore every Thursday at 8/7c.