• AimeeCast Member

    After completing her anger management program, Aimee is ready to take St. Pete by storm, but will her looming court date allow her to enjoy a fresh start? As the house's self-described Princess Goddess Mermaid, Aimee is not afraid to say what's on her mind and keeps the whole house in line with her down-home wisdom and little potty mouth.

  • CandaceCast Member

    Candace is the house's quintessential Southern belle with her big hair, perfectly applied makeup and Instagram-ready outfits. Her quick wit and no-nonsense demeanor make her a voice of reason in the house. After summers of taking wild child Kortni under her wing, Candace realizes her friendship may be taken for granted.

  • CodiCast Member

    Known as the Puke and Rally King, Codi is a true Southern gentleman who is more than ready for a wild summer in St. Pete. Both caretaker and pot-stirrer, Codi is a straight-up good-old Southern soul who usually has the power to bring the house together. This summer, the drama may prove to be too much, and Codi may have to look to familiar sources for help.

  • GusCast Member

    Gus is a Southern charmer who prides himself on being the house's biggest and best flirt. This summer, he and Nilsa's will-they-won't-they relationship is jeopardized by Gus's new (younger) girlfriend who threatens to shake up the entire house. Gus's drama doesn't stop there, though. After living with best friend Jeremiah over the course of the year, tensions may finally come to a head when the two arrive in SPB.

  • JeremiahCast Member

    Don't let the Clark Kent good looks and Superman physique fool you. Jeremiah is a big softy at his core. Smart, confident and opinionated, Jeremiah is here to tell you that being home-schooled does not equal being socially awkward. He is ready to find love and cure his six-month dry spell, but bubbling drama with his "best friend" Gus may get in the way of his good time.

  • KirkCast Member

    With his wild beach hair and a smile that lights up a room, Kirk is fully embracing the St. Pete Beach lifestyle. Kirk is always down for a good time, even if it requires exercising on a giant pedal pub. Kirk values family above all else, which may lead him into the middle of his two best bros.

  • KortniCast Member

    Although she is dubbed Krazy Kortni by the house, Kortni plans on toning it down this summer for the sake of her new boyfriend. With his deployment approaching, an itch in her throat and her beloved Momma Sharon miles away, this summer will test Kortni to the fullest.

  • NilsaCast Member

    By the end of last summer, Nilsa was in the midst of her messy on-again, off-again coupling with Gus (a.k.a. Gilsa). A new city means new boys, and this summer, Nilsa has a fresh perspective on her love life, but will living with Gus test her determination to stay away?

  • Mattie LynnCast Member
    Mattie Lynn

    Far from your typical Southern belle, Floribama Shore's newest houseguest Mattie Lynn is experienced in the art of summering with friends from her previous "vacations" on the CMT series "Party Down South". Now, she's ready for a new group of people to live it up with. With her down-to-party personality and competitive spirit, Mattie is bound to make waves in the Floribama pool.