This 'Into The Unknown' Clip May Inspire You To Learn A New Language

'Frozen 2's' biggest musical number goes multilingual

Frozen 2's biggest song is just as sweeping and grandiose as the original movie's. "Into the Unknown" goes just as hard as "Let It Go," and if you're anything like us, you've probably heard it a few dozen times by now.

But have you heard the song performed across 29 different languages? We're willing to wager that you haven't. Today's your lucky day. Disney released a brand-new clip from its Frozen sequel today (December 13) with the ethereal "Into The Unknown" split up into the different tongues, starting with the one that's likely the most familiar: Idina Menzel's English original.

It's followed by Castilian Spanish, which blends seamlessly into Mandarin for a line, then Swedish. It's really impressive how it melts into different tongues so perfectly without much of a change in Elsa's actress's tone. It really goes to show that all the singers recruited to bring the song to life around the world are masters of their craft, as you barely register a chance in vocalist beyond the language the song is being sung in.

Languages from Russian to Italian, French, Greek, Hungarian, and Polish are given equal representation in the atmospheric video, ending with Brazilian Portuguese to round things out.

Five years ago, Disney did the same thing with "Let It Go," though that clip featured only 25 different languages, beginning with English and subtly transitioning to French, German, and eventually finishing up with Flemish.

It's awesome to hear both songs in different languages, and if you're a true Frozen fan, you're probably studying up right now on how you can sing along with each part every time there's a change. Elsa may have her powerful ice magic, but being able to recall the lyrics to "Into The Unknown" or "Let It Go" in virtually any language you want? That's priceless.