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The Storm Rages On In First Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer

Can't hold it back anymore

No, we can't just let it go — Frozen 2 is finally upon us.

For the first time in (what feels like) forever, we've finally got a look at the hotly anticipated film, and we're losing our minds. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and even a handful of new faces are back for another icy adventure, though this time things seem a bit more dire in the land of Arendelle — if that is, indeed, where the movie is taking place.

Right off the bat, our first taste of Frozen 2 is inherently darker than what we're used to from the franchise, literally and figuratively. The trailer opens with ice queen Elsa standing beachside as a storm rages on around her. The sky is pitch black, and she seems determined, desperate even, to brave the sea in front of her. She ties her hair back, then runs at full force into the ocean, waves and all, freezing the water beneath her as she goes. Skipping on the surface of the water, she creates icy surfaces to traverse before being caught in the undertow.

We then see glimpses of Anna, who appears to be trying to reach her sister, Kristoff leading a pack of reindeer throughout a fall vista, and Elsa protecting Olaf from what looks like some sort of powerful fire or heat magic. The big title reveal at the end is paired with an autumn leaf, before a final tease that finds Anna looking back toward the camera as she, Kristoff, and Elsa walk through an ominous autumn setting to slash at an unknown enemy.

There are a couple of new characters showcased in the trailer, though it's unclear who they might be. We're still unsure who new cast members Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) and Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us) are meant to play, but it's possible they could be behind these new faces. Nothing has been confirmed just yet.

What role do all these fall visuals play in the movie, though? Are there potentially other princesses out there with different "seasonal" powers? Josh Gad, who voices the adorable snowman Olaf, took to Twitter with a hint about the official Frozen 2 poster. He included an image of what appears to be a snowflake formed by four different-colored symbols. What do they mean? That's anybody's guess right now.

Given that Frozen originally began life as The Snow Queen, it would make perfect sense that there are additional, even more powerful magic users out there other than Elsa — perhaps there's a magic user with "hotter" magic wreaking havoc?

There's a lot to think about when it comes to the Frozen sequel, so we'll be anxiously awaiting November 22, when it's slated to hit theaters.

Until then, crank the Frozen soundtrack, and keep the teaser on repeat. We need all the clues we can get.