Peak Of Love Predicament: Will Callum's Ex Ruin His Relationship With Georgia?

With Megan in the picture, things are getting complicating

Georgia and Callum's relationship may have started in the DMs (depends who you ask), but it's really heating up on the peak of love island. But is he in danger of losing this loyal lady -- because of his ex Megan?

During tonight's Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love series premiere, the Love Island alum and the Ibiza Weekender star hit it off upon arrival. In fact, Georgia claimed that he messaged her on Instagram with a "hello" (he insisted he wouldn't have begun a conversation with this type of greeting). Regardless, the instant connection was apparent.

"The thing about Georgia is, she filmed a TV show in the U.K. with my friend," Cal stated in his confessional. "She likes tattoos, confident, teeth. I don't want to say that's basically me, but it's basically me." Check, check and check.

The house immediately noticed the Brits' mutual attraction ("I think Callum is probably going to bag that, for sure," Adore mused) --- and thanks to La Demi's dare (in the hot tub, no less), the two got to make out on night #1.

"I don't know -- he makes me feel really giddy," G reflected post-smooch. "It's so pathetic because normally, I'm a really strong ice queen."

Callum was just as giddy -- and he "fancied" her as well. However, the dynamic changed on Day 2 because his former girlfriend Megan skied swooped in to "f*ck his life up."

"He cheated on me for a stupid one night stand," the Leeds native explained, adding he has never been faithful to any of his former ladies. "She came up to me in the club. I turn around to look at Cal, and he had gone. He disappeared, and ghosting is just a horrible thing to do." Yep, being ghosted isn't great.

Megan's statement about his adulterous ways "scared" Georgia (she's "loyal, babe"), but his "bad boy" type was a turn-on. Megan still had feelings for her one-time beau, even though she wanted "revenge." Callum? He had no interest in revisiting past emotions with Megan and had his sights on Georgia.

"I'm not rushing to talk to Megan about the situation because I don't want to keep speaking about old things when I'm trying to pursue a new thing with Georgia," he divulged.

Speaking of things, Megan wanted to "have a talk about things" (so many things) at the Winter Wonderland bash. But neither of them was "getting" what the other was saying -- and it resulted in "shouting and crying."

"It's all very messy," G observed. "It puts me off a bit -- I'm not going to lie."

Will Callum and Megan's history continue to be disconcerting to Georgia? How will the trio co-exist in the chalet -- and will love blossom between Callum and Georgia or Callum and Megan? Or other singles and exes? Be sure to keep watching Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love every Thursday at 9/8c!