• Aubrey O'DaySingle
    Aubrey O'Day

    Aubrey is best known for being part of the double-platinum girl group Danity Kane, assembled on MTV's "Making the Band." She's appeared on the reality shows "Marriage Boot Camp," "Celebrity Apprentice," "Famously Single" and many, many, many more. Aubrey's list of Exes is equally as long. Her most recent breakup left her emotionally and physically closed off, and, in the process, she left behind another Ex whom could have been "the one." After being single for a year, Aubrey is ready to get her groove back and comes to Malibu ready to find her Next or maybe reconnect with that special Ex.

  • Billy ReilichSingle
    Billy Reilich

    Billy is that gigantic hunk from "What Happens at the Abbey" or that guy who trims Ellen DeGeneres's bush -- because he's her gardener on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Billy is an under-the-radar pansexual who's dated all types, but he recently came out to his family and now hopes to revisit some old relationships with a fresh new perspective. The jury is out on whether or not his Exes are as open to the idea. This gentle giant wears his heart on his size XXXL sleeve, but will he find his Next in Malibu or leave with his Ex?

  • Cameron ArmstrongSingle
    Cameron Armstrong

    Cameron is a true entertainer who has acted on "The Rookie" and performed on "Boy Band." Cameron's many talents do not include juggling; he tried to keep a girlfriend while living with his Ex, but he couldn't keep all the balls in the air, and his relationship hit the floor. Having one Ex as a roommate is complicated enough, but if both ladies show up in Malibu, Cameron's living situation may be twice as complicated.

  • Devin WalkerSingle
    Devin Walker

    On MTV's "The Challenge," Devin is known for being a master manipulator and for his strategic gameplay, but he has no strategy when it comes to dating. He wants everyone and their mother to know he's a "numbers guy," but when it comes to love, he has a hard time getting digits. His personal motto is "never give up on love," so will he be able to find love with someone new, or will his Ex get in the way of his master plans?

  • Geles RodriguezSingle
    Geles Rodriguez

    Geles is a former NFL cheerleader and the current Queen of (Broken) Hearts who most recently got her heart broken on MTV's "Are You The One?" Part of the problem is she's quick to think anyone could be "the one," throwing around "I love you" like it's going out of style. Will Geles leave Malibu with her Next, or will she leave with even more Exes than she arrived with?

  • Kenya ScottSingle
    Kenya Scott

    A makeup artist from New York, Kenya quickly found her Perfect Match, Tevin, on "Are You The One?" It was no surprise these two players were perfect for each other, but when they tried to take their relationship into the real world, their player ways couldn't overcome a long distance. Kenya claims she's ready to give up her old ways if she meets the perfect man, and she hopes to find him in Malibu, but is that perfect man someone new or someone she's kept on the bench?

  • Lexi and Allie KaplanSingle
    Lexi and Allie Kaplan

    Artists Lexi and Allie from "Inst@famous" are known for sitting on people's faces, but to be clear, it's part of their art; they make paintings of celebrities, then sit on the canvas. As one would expect with twins, these women are a package deal, which explains why they are still single. When you date one of the twins, you date them both, with "the intellectual stimulation of two and the sexual pleasure of one." It's double the fun but also double the drama when these two are looking for love.

  • Mark JansenSingle
    Mark Jansen

    Mark is a personal trainer who cried his way through "Big Brother" and his relationship with his Ex Elena Davies, whom was also on the show. Mark and Elena have had a very public and very toxic on-off relationship. Their most recent breakup revolved aroundElena's accusation Mark cheated, which he denies. This personal trainer is ready to focus less on his core and more on his heart, but will his plan change when he is confronted by his Ex?

  • Mechie HarrisSingle
    Mechie Harris

    Mechie made TMZ headlines for co-starring in a sex tape with Black Chyna. He may or may not be a Rob Kardashian home-wrecker, but the verdict's still out. Wherever Mechie goes, he leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him, but he says his Ex Danielle was the Michelle Obama to his Barack. Unfortunately, that relationship ended when he (allegedly) provided some "Secret Service" to his other Ex Kellie. Mechie's hoping for a chance to reconnect with Danielle, but if she takes too long to show up, someone new might grab his attention first.

  • Alexis McNealEx
    Alexis McNeal

    Singer Alexis and her Ex Cameron Armstrong shared a love of music that turned into just plain love. They were best friends, but Cameron had another best friend, too: his roommate and Ex Ariana Nova. Alexis comes to Malibu to see if she can make things work with Cameron. The only thing standing in her way is Ariana, whom he still lives with. Will he break his lease for love?

  • Anthony BartolotteEx
    Anthony Bartolotte

    Party boy Anthony from "Are You The One?" and "The Challenge" comes to Malibu to see if he can reconnect with his Ex Marie Roda. They had a fun, casual relationship until Anthony went ghost. Slightly older and supposedly wiser, Anthony wants to see if there really could be something between them, but if things don't work out with her, he is always on the prowl for his Next Ex.

  • Anthony MartinEx
    Anthony Martin

    Anthony met his Ex Geles Rodriguez on Season 6 of "Are You the One?" After the show wrapped, Geles was bitter about Anthony's cheating ways, so she took it on herself to ruin his next relationship, with Shannon Duffy, by putting Anthony on blast across social media. Now, it's his turn to get in the way of Geles finding her Next.

  • Ariana NovaEx
    Ariana Nova

    Ariana and her Ex Cameron Armstrong have a 10-years-long history together. They were childhood sweethearts who became roommates who became Exes who are still roommates. Ariana comes to Malibu in hopes of turning things around with Cameron. Can she go from roommate/Ex to roommate/Next?

  • Cara CooperEx
    Cara Cooper

    Cara comes to Malibu to get the attention of her Ex Billy Reilich. When they dated, Billy kept their relationship under wraps, and Cara, being a proud trans woman, needs a proud partner to stand by her side. Now that Billy and Cara are both more comfortable with who they are, is the chemistry still there to reignite an old flame?

  • Danielle ClarkeEx
    Danielle Clarke

    Danielle is the one Ex whom Mechie thinks might actually be wifey. They started off hot and heavy, but things went south due to Mechie's flirtatious nature. Is Mechie ready to put away his player chain and give things with Danielle a real chance, or will she again be left out in the cold?

  • Elena DaviesEx
    Elena Davies

    Elena met her Ex Mark Jansen on Season 19 of "Big Brother," on which she had a knack for making him cry. Their tumultuous relationship continued after the show for the next few years. Their most recent breakup was on Valentine's Day, but she and Mark have a difference of opinion on the cause of the breakup. Elena's coming to set the record straight on why their relationship ended and maybe get back together again.

  • Emily ArreseigorEx
    Emily Arreseigor

    Emily met her Ex Billy Reilich where they both spend 99 percent of their time: the gym. Even though they would work out together as much as they did, things didn't work out between them because Billy felt Emily was too young. Now that she is older and wiser, she comes to the beach to see if she can curl up with Billy to stay warm on those cold Malibu nights.

  • Jason WalshEx
    Jason Walsh

    Jason, who hails from New York and works on Wall Street, bought stock in Marie's romantic future when they made a pact to get married when they turned 30 if they were both still Single. Surprise, surprise, they are both still Single. Now, Jason comes to Malibu to see if he can get a return on his investment.

  • Kellie SweetEx
    Kellie Sweet

    YouTube star Kellie dated Mechie on and off for years, and she even appeared in several of his music videos, but Mechie would never take their relationship to where she wanted. Kellie comes to Malibu to give Mechie his last chance to take them seriously as a couple or else she's moving on for good.

  • Lisa 'Thai" CoffeyEx
    Lisa 'Thai" Coffey

    L.A.-based clothing designer Lisa first met Aubrey O'Day while styling her for Dumblonde. Their relationship quickly moved from business to pleasure, but it ended when Aubrey left Lisa to film "Famously Single." Strong and determined, Lisa comes to Malibu to try to get Aubrey back. Is Aubrey the one who got away, or is she too "Damaged" for Lisa to make it work between them?

  • Marie RodaEx
    Marie Roda

    Marie met her "Ex" Devin Walker on "The Challenge," and even though they've kind of been a "thing," they've never been "official." She is coming to Malibu to try and get out of the friend zone with Devin and make him commit to something real once and for all, but everyone better hope they stay on her good side because hell hath no fury like a Marie scorned.

  • Max-Davis KurtzmanEx
    Max-Davis Kurtzman

    Former professional soccer player Max comes to Malibu to try to work things out with his Ex Lexi Kaplan, but it's not easy dating a twin. Not only are Lexi and her twin sister Allie a package deal, their momager Amy is also along for the ride. Will Max be able to separate Lexi from the pack to try to give their relationship another shot?

  • Shannon DuffyEx
    Shannon Duffy

    Anthony Martin and his Ex, fellow "Are You The One?" alum Shannon (Seasons 6 and 5, respectively), ended their on-again, off-again relationship after he cheated on her. Now, Shannon comes to Malibu for some good old-fashioned revenge, but even though Shannon is coming in hot, she also wouldn't mind finding someone special to chill with.

  • Tevin GrantEx
    Tevin Grant

    This smooth-talking "Are You The One?" alum was a Perfect Match with his Ex Kenya Scott because it takes a player to know a player. They came close to making their relationship work after the show, but it turned out a long-distance relationship wasn't such a perfect match for this couple. Tevin's ready to turn in his player card once and for all, but it takes two to tango. Will Kenya be on the same page?

  • Tyler GarrigusEx
    Tyler Garrigus

    Tyler is Billy Reilich's first Ex-boyfriend and most recent Ex. Because Billy decided to come to Malibu to revisit his romantic past, Tyler hopes Billy isn't trying to look too far into the past. With feelings still fresh, Tyler is looking to ditch the Ex label and give their relationship another go. Unfortunately for him, Billy has a long history of Exes. Will Tyler be able to keep Billy from getting lost in the past?