• Angela BabiczSingle
    Angela Babicz

    Angela is back. This New Jersey native has a few fake features but keeps it 100-percent real when it comes to love and relationships. On Season 1 of "Ex On The Beach," Angela started a relationship with fellow Single Tor'i, and they rode off into the sunset together until everything came crashing down months later after watching the first episode of this show together. Angela knows better than anyone that your past always catches up with you.

  • Chad JohnsonSingle
    Chad Johnson

    Bad Chad made a name for himself as reality TV's ultimate bad boy on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" in a series of iconic and explosive moments. Born without a filter between his brain and his mouth, Chad is honest to a fault. When it comes to relationships, Chad likes to make his mistakes early on to see if the women will stick around -- and often, they don't. Chad has come to the beach to see if he can find love where he has failed before, on national television, but what he doesn't know is that his Exes have some things to say first.

  • Cheyenne ParkerSingle
    Cheyenne Parker

    Model-preneur Cheyenne likes his men like he likes his coffee: hot, sweet and totally emotionally unavailable. You may have caught Cheyenne's fiery temper on Logo's "Fire Island," but now he's here to make waves on the beach. In past relationships, Cheyenne has been on both sides of the infidelity spectrum, as the cheater and the cheated, but at the end of the day, he really just wants someone he can share his love of life and oversized glasses of wine with. When his Ex shows up, will he be able to move forward or will he take a step backward?

  • Corey BrooksSingle
    Corey Brooks

    "Big Brother" alum Corey is a smooth-talking charmer with looks too good for, well, his own good. It's hard not to love Corey unless you're in love with Corey. This stud definitely has a thing for beautiful blondes, himself included. Corey tends to lead the ladies on, but he's just slippery enough to avoid being held accountable when things get serious. What will he do when his Exes show up on the beach? Will he stick around to face the music, or will he drown it out to focus on the most important person in his life, himself?

  • Farrah AbrahamSingle
    Farrah Abraham

    This infamous star of "Teen Mom" has been making waves since she first appeared on MTV's "16 and Pregnant." Known for her hot temper and fierce arguing, everyone has an opinion about Farrah, from other "Teen Mom" stars to the Beverly Hills Police Department. Farrah has found more Mr. Wrongs than Mr. Rights and has a slash-and-burn dating history. Can she find someone she considers to be "on her level," or will her past catch up with her first?

  • Janelle ShanksSingle
    Janelle Shanks

    Janelle is a "Bad Girls Club" alum who is as virtuous as she is contentious. Her scrappy nature is backed by passion that always runs high. In relationships, Janelle is fiercely and almost dangerously loyal to her man, but they always abandon her when she needs them most. She's here to find a man who can love as hard as she does and be there for her, but first, she has to find closure with the Ex who left her high and dry.

  • Jozea FloresSingle
    Jozea Flores

    Jozea, known for "Big Brother" and "The Challenge," puts the Ex in extra. He's a fun-loving romantic with a voracious appetite for men, and, needless to say, he's run through quite a few of them and left a heart or two broken along the way. Jozea is a clique magnet who is loyal if you're on his side, but if not, he'll call you out every step of the way. When Jozea's ex shows up on the beach looking like a snack, will he step back up to the plate, or will too many appetizers spoil dessert?

  • Malcolm DrummerSingle
    Malcolm Drummer

    Charming and confident, Malcolm found himself caught up in a love triangle on Season 6 of "Are You The One?" Now, this notorious player claims he's retired from the game, but then again, he's said that before. Malcolm's here to find the baddest one on the beach, and he's not afraid to break some hearts in the process. When his Exes show up, will he try his old angle, or has he really turned over a new leaf?

  • Maya BenberrySingle
    Maya Benberry

    Maya is the queen bee who caught tight end Travis Kelce on dating show "Catching Kelce," but things didn't exactly work out between the two, and single Maya is off the bench. In fact, for someone who claims not to be a jersey chaser, she's sure found herself dating a lot of players. Now, the ball is in her court, and she has her game face on and her guard up. She's coming to the beach to have fun, but will she end up catching feelings?

  • Morgan WillettSingle
    Morgan Willett

    Blonde, bubbly "Big Brother: Over the Top"-winner Morgan seems like your typical girl next door, but there's more to her than meets the eye. She's a major heartbreaker with a string of reality TV star exes that she's left in her wake, but now that they're washing back up, Morgan has to decide which of them she wants to tie down and make a decent man out of. Will she be able to stay afloat in this sea of Exes?

  • Nicole RamosSingle
    Nicole Ramos

    Nicole, from "The Challenge," is an alien from another planet, and she's the first to admit it. This little pot-stirrer is looking to lock down a baby daddy before her biological clock blows up like a ticking time bomb. With her Exes now in the mix, will she find a man who's down-to-earth -- or out of this world?

  • Cory ZwierzynskiEx
    Cory Zwierzynski

    Cory and his ex Murray's tumultuous relationship was showcased on "What Happens at The Abbey," and things were left in a bad way between them. This manscaped wonder is coming to the beach to stop Murray in his playboy tracks and prevent him from hurting anyone else, but it all depends on what spills when the tea kettle comes to a boil.

  • Darian VandermarkEx
    Darian Vandermark

    Darian is a fitness model, obviously. He and Janelle dated for two years and were so serious they even lived together. This relationship took a turn for the worse when Darian up and moved back to Portland, Oregon, leaving Janelle all by her lonesome. Now, he's back to make things right, but will Janelle take him back?

  • Diandra DelgadoEx
    Diandra Delgado

    Diandra is a spitfire who, along with Nurys, made up Malcolm's love triangle on Season 6 of "Are You The One?" After the show, she and Malcolm dated for a while, but it looks like he wasn't The One -- because it didn't work out. Now, Diandra's come back for answers from her former zaddy and hopes she can find something meaningful along the way.

  • Jay StarrettEx
    Jay Starrett

    Morgan's fun-loving ex Jay didn't win on "Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X," but will he survive the heart trauma of "Ex On The Beach" when he washes up to rekindle things with her? Loyal, loud and dramatic, Jay is a lot to handle, but maybe Morgan needs someone who's different than the emotionally unavailable men she usually goes for. Sparks flew when they dated last summer -- until Morgan ghosted him. Jay's putting his heart on the line again. Maybe he can win her back!

  • JD HarmonEx
    JD Harmon

    JD and his ex Maya grew up, and even went to prom, together (surprise, he's a football player), but don't worry, ladies, he's currently a free agent. Maya crushed JD's heart when he found out she wasn't taking the relationship as seriously as he was, and he discovered she was texting other guys on the side. JD is a sensitive guy, and he's looking for love, but first he wants to end that painful chapter of his past, or maybe they'll open that door again.

  • Kareem PetersonEx
    Kareem Peterson

    Kareem, Maya's ex, is a former college football player and a player in general. When they dated in college, he cheated on her with multiple girls, and Maya finally reached her breaking point. Older and claiming to be wiser, Kareem is returning to patch up the hole he left in Maya's heart, but is the hurt too deep?

  • Maddie SullivanEx
    Maddie Sullivan

    Maddie, Chad's ex, is petite but packs a punch. This single mother of two, aspiring singer, waitress and Oklahoma 10 had a romantic fling with Chad that ended not so well when he (allegedly) cheated on her. She's since forgiven him and wants Chaddy Daddy back in her life. Will Chad be receptive when this Ex washes up on the beach, or will Maddie get her heart stomped on all over again?

  • Monte MassongillEx
    Monte Massongill

    Monte, Morgan's ex, is an old-fashioned Southern farm boy who travels at all times with an entourage of 12: his abs. Sparks flew when Morgan met Monte on "Big Brother: Over the Top" because they're exactly each other's types. After the show, they struck up a six-month relationship, but Monte's heart was broken when Morgan moved to L.A. to pursue her dreams. Monte hasn't given up on Morgan yet and is driving a tractor (one can only assume) out to Malibu, CA, to see if they can make it work.

  • Murray SwanbyEx
    Murray Swanby

    This West Hollywood Casanova is known from "What Happens at The Abbey," and when he's not busy breaking Cheyenne's heart, he's busy dating every guy in Los Angeles. Known as a heartbreaker, Murray is always able to move on to the next one and avoid accountability for his relationship sins, but will he be able to hash things out with Cheyenne when he shows up on "Ex On The Beach"?

  • Nate SestokEx
    Nate Sestok

    Nate, Nicole's ex, may be a barber -- but Nicole was actually the one who cut him out of her life. They had an on-again, off-again relationship and could never find themselves 100 percent on the same page until finally Nicole ended it for good. In his everlasting search for love, Nate proposed to not one but two of his girlfriends after Nicole, and she's bitter about it. Now, Nate is heading to Malibu, CA, to give things a real shot with Nicole. When he washes up on "Ex On The Beach," will the third time be a charm for Nate?

  • Nelson ThomasEx
    Nelson Thomas

    Nelson, Nurys's ex, is an old-school player who, with five seasons of "The Challenge" under his belt, always has his eyes on the prize. He and Nurys were hot and heavy until she found out that he had a girlfriend and she was (once again) the side piece. They may have had it out publicly on social media, but will they still troll each other in the house when he comes back to work things out?

  • Nurys MateoEx
    Nurys Mateo

    Nurys is Malcolm's fierce and beautiful ex who fought Diandra for his attention on Season 6 of "Are You The One?" Unfortunately, she keeps finding herself in the position of the perpetual side chick. She's coming back to the beach to change her situation with Malcolm from love triangle to acute angle.

  • Perez CarothersEx
    Perez Carothers

    The charisma and mastery of sarcasm makes Perez, Maya's college ex, stand out in a room. Needless to say, when Perez got with trophy girlfriend Maya, he was sprung. He introduced her to his family and took the relationship seriously, maybe too seriously -- because she up and ghosted him not long after. Perez was the nice guy then, but years of dwelling on her abandoning him have him coming to the beach for answers. Is Maya ready to face the music?

  • Rob TiniEx
    Rob Tini

    Rob is a man's man, but more specifically, he was Jozea's man. The two dated for 10 years on and off, mostly long distance, but always found themselves together until Jozea crossed the line and cheated. Now that the burn has taken time to heal, Rob wants to confront Jozea about his mistake but also see if there's a way to re-spark the fire they once had.

  • Sha CarrellEx
    Sha Carrell

    Sha, Corey's ex, is a model, but she wouldn't call Corey a model boyfriend. His flirtatious ways eventually made Sha jealous, and they went their separate ways. Now, she wants to see if Corey has grown up (even though he's older than her) so they can build something real. When she shows up as Corey's Ex, will they try again, or will Corey's wandering eye reopen the same old wounds?

  • Simon SaranEx
    Simon Saran

    Simon was Farrah's metaphorical punching bag throughout their televised on-again, off-again relationship on "Teen Mom." There's a lot of he said, she said about the circumstances of their breakup, but all involved agree it was not on good terms. Simon is the last person Farrah wants to see here, there or anywhere, so how will she react when he shows up on the beach to try to clear things up?

  • Tor’i BrooksEx
    Tor’i Brooks

    You may remember Tor'i "Bionic" Brooks from last season of "Ex On The Beach" when he appeared as a Single and (within 10 seconds) struck up a hot relationship with Jersey firecracker Angela. Their relationship survived the show -- and they even moved in together in L.A. -- but it blew up in spectacular fashion after their dirty laundry was aired. Angela has assassinated Tor'i on social media, and this good guy has gone angry. Now, he is more than ready to wash up on the beach as Angela's Ex if it means he can set things straight with the former love of his life.