Sneak Peek: Gus Wants To 'End' Codi During A Heated Floribama Fracas

Things may never be the same between the two

Note to Codi everyone: Don't say anything unsavory about Gus' girlfriend, or there'll be hell to pay.

In a supersized sneak peek of MTV Floribama Shore (new episodes begin on November 14), the guys absolutely go at it, and all of the roommates become involved. So what sparked the situation? Gus "playing" with Codi -- after the latter begged him to stop.

"Don't nobody bother you when you're on the phone with your bitch a** Lisa," a drunk buzzed Codi says, mentioning Gus' lady.

Gus immediately flies off the deep end, and it gets ugly as fast as you can say go.

"Don't talk sh*t about my girlfriend," Gus yells, while pushing Codi and declaring he wants to "end" him.

How do the other roommates react, and what makes Jeremiah so upset about the entire ordeal? Watch the video, and be sure to catch the two-hour premiere of MTV Floribama Shore on Thursday, November 14 beginning at 8/7c!