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Elsa Belts Out A Chilly New Tune In New Frozen 2 Footage

Anna, Elsa, and friends are heading off into the unknown

Instead of "letting it go" this time around, Elsa is about to head "into the unknown" with Frozen 2.

The latest sneak peek at what we can expect to see out of the upcoming animated epic serves up some serious vocals from Elsa, courtesy of Idina Menzel's gossamer pipes. The new "Let It Go" of the Frozen sequel, as it were, is full of runs and a soaring chorus that practically begs you to sing along for it.

Instead of lamenting the coming storm for her as a newly-crowned "ice queen" as she did in Frozen, Elsa is now embracing adventure and ready to head off on a journey during which she may very well find out the source of some new "mysterious voice" that continues to call out to her.

Elsa is advised by some of the troll folk that she should see out the unknown, as her past may hold secrets that unlock the clues she's looking for. As such, she's told to go to the "enchanted lands." So off Elsa and her friends go on what promises to be a magical new journey that will delight fans.

If you like the song, there's more to come. Right now, you can hear previews of other songs soon to debut in the movie, which is set to debut later this fall. You can hear Anna's new song "The Next Right Thing" and Olaf's "When I Am Older" now via Spotify before the movie comes out.

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Frozen 2 is currently set to debut in theaters on November 22. That means if you still haven't seen the first movie, you have plenty of time to wear yourself out on its soundtrack (if your kids or even your friends' kids haven't done that for you already) and prep for the second coming of Elsa. It's nearly two months away now!