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Alessia Cara Says Goodbye To An Unforgettable Tour On 'October'

Touring with Shawn Mendes was an epic experience with indelible memories

With fall around the corner, it's time to acknowledge that summer is over — even if our stubborn, toasty temperatures refused to recognize it. Luckily for us, Alessia Cara has released a melancholy new jam that sounds like when the first chilly winds of autumn hit and we're forced to bring out jackets.

Her new single "October," which is about her touring experience with Shawn Mendes, feels like a breakup song for a situation that she's going to miss. But all good things must come to an end, so Cara's send-up feels like an awesome conclusion to a thrilling chapter, delivered with a softness that brings out the tears.

"October" is a mid-tempo jam with relaxing guitars and delicate melodies whispered into the microphone. Cara previously toured with Mendes for The Tour and was so enamored by the experience that she wrote a song about not wanting it to end. "I'm gonna miss it when it's over / Yeah, yeah / I hope we never see October / Yeah, yeah," she sings gently. It's the perfect breakup anthem, one that happens to be about an experience instead of an actual person. But this is just the first act of Cara's career; there's sure to be more tours, more adventures, and more moments that will birth even greater experiences.

Before the song dropped, Cara took to Instagram and detailed the song's meaning. "I wrote this song about a very recent period of time in which I felt more aligned than I ever have," she wrote. "It's about healing and discovering that some feelings are as beautiful as they are inevitably fleeting. So much so that I wanted to encapsulate these ones before they were gone. Now, I'll have them forever and I can go back there anytime. I can go back and feel the thorns in my hands after falling into a ditch in Europe (I won't elaborate) or hear everyone's tired 5 AM taxi laughs. Playing shows in beautiful cities with my road family and happy crying with my best friend (a lot)."

"It's all there," she continued. "This is for the friends I've kept and the ones I've found. The places we've been, the nostalgia accidentally set ourselves up for, and the months I'll always think about."

"October" appears on Cara's forthcoming EP, This Summer that's out on September 6. The project will also feature the previously released tunes "Rooting For You" and "Ready."