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Alessia Cara Shrugs Off A Partner's Difficulties On 'Ready'

It's the first single from her upcoming EP, 'The Summer'

Alessia Cara's new single, "Ready," speaks to those at their wits' end in a relationship, clenching their teeth and then... pop. They realize that their partner simply isn't ready to handle the situation right now. Calmness comes. Possibly, a smile. It's a different kind of heartbreak, one that makes you realize you're a badass. That's what Cara also accomplishes with the energetic and slightly funky "Ready," boldly coming to this realization and shrugging off her other half. She chuckles.

"Ready" sounds like being under palm trees in a hammock, sipping a mango iced tea while watching the waves brush against sandy shores. Cara sounds bold, confident, and unapologetic as she shrugs off the bullshit that her partner subjects her to. It's in the second verse that that lightbulb moment happens and she realizes her situation.

"Why do I care so much about you, boy? You know I do / I think a million thoughts, but only half get through to you," she sings. All the arguing, nagging, and general discomfort of the relationship just isn't going to do. He's just not ready.

"Ready" will appear on Cara's forthcoming EP, This Summer. In February, she released an acoustic cover of "Let Me Down Slowly" with Alec Benjamin.

Listen to Cara question a partner's way of thinking in "Ready" up above.