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Madison Beer Says Justin Bieber Is Releasing Music Because He's 'Happy' Thanks To Hailey

'She's everything he's needed'

Madison Beer has plenty to say about friend Justin Bieber's relationship with Hailey, and it's all positive.

Beer has known Justin for quite some time, with their relationship dating back to his discovering her on YouTube back in 2012. She's also known Hailey before she ever began dating Justin. And as such, she's always known the two would eventually pair up.

"She’s everything he’s needed,” Beer said in an Elite Daily interview. “They were always going to end up together.” It really feels like it, especially since they had to go through so much static to end up getting married in the first place. Beer knows he's been in a few darker places here and there, but Hailey has been great for him.

"He’s gone through a lot,” she said of the new Mrs. Bieber. “He has a great fucking girl that is such a good support system to him.” And it's because of this great girl that he's able to get back to creating music, which we can't wait to hear more of.

“I think he’s in a good place now,” she said, which definitely checks out. We've seen all the lovey-dovey poetry, sweet Instagram captions, and other adorable interactions. “And that’s why he’s putting music out again. Because he’s happy.”

Beer discussed her history as Justin's friend, saying she first heard his music when she was just 11 years old. While listening to him as her mom drove her to school, she "swore on her life" she said she'd be friends with Bieber "one day." Then, "a year later is when everything happened."

It's great to hear legends lifting up other legends, we can definitely say that. And we can only hope good things continue to come for Justin and Hailey, even if they're still keeping us in suspense about their "real" wedding date.