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Lil Pump, Quavo, And French Montana Star In A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story In New Song

What are they 'Pose To Do?'

Life is one great, big choose-your-own-adventure game with thousands of decisions made on a daily basis. Often, we move on autopilot; we decide to brush our teeth, we make the call whether to wear that red shirt with the polka dots, and we decide whether to go to work 20 minutes late so we can finish up the last episode of Stranger Things's third season.

Lil Pump, Quavo, and French Montana have come together for a surprising new collaboration, "Pose to Do," that takes a look at their own choices to figure out what they should do. Spoiler alert: They don't know. You can hear them scratching their heads as they mull the pros and cons of each choice.

Lil Pump's daily choices are a bit different. In "Pose to Do," he mulls over which hotel room full of people to go in and whether or not to spend $30,000 on shoes. Throughout his verse, he ups his luxurious lifestyle, sneering as he lists the things that he's decided on doing. "All these Lambos in my driveways, what I'm supposed to do? / How I'm supposed to move?" he raps.

Quavo follows him up with his questioning chorus, asking what should he do when he wants a certain partner. French Montana rounds out the song explaining his decision to be the coolest guy in the room, his torpedo-like coupe and the fact that he's "drowning" in sauce are his qualifiers. The three don't actually make any decisions on wax but we're meant to assume that they figure out what they want to do when the music stops. Or at least, we hope.

Lil Pump dropped his second studio album, Harverd Dropout, in February. It featured previously released singles "I Love It" with Kanye West and "Esskeetit."

Listen to Lil Pump, Quavo, and French Montana mull over their decisions on "Pose to Do" up above.