Why Teen Mom OG's Amber Feels Responsible For Her Daughter's Panic Attacks

'All I want is for her to be healthy'

During tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, Amber learned about some recent health struggles Leah had endured -- and the news hit her hard for several different reasons.

At first, Amber was upset she was the last to know about Leah's incident -- what the nine-year-old described as a panic attack during a recent bus ride home from school. Gary’s wife Kristina informed Amber at a mani/pedi sesh on Mother’s Day (with Leah in tow) rather than right after it happened.

“Why wasn’t I told this?” Amber asked. “I feel like you guys aren’t telling me anything right now. Kristina, we gotta figure that one out.”

Amber then told her “Booboo,” who said she’d suffered about eight attacks thus far, about her willingness to take Leah to see a therapist who could help. Amber also stressed to Leah that she was only a phone call or text away if it happened again.

Amber maintained her composure at the girls' day out, but when she got home and told Andrew, she broke down, confessing she felt “out of the loop” in her daughter’s life. But it was more than just that -- Amber was upset she might have “passed on” her mental health issues to her child.

“All I want is for her to be healthy,” she cried. “I don’t want her to have panic attacks, because I remember how horrible it was for me as a kid. What I’m mostly sad about is the fact that she’s even having them. I said for years, I prayed to God that this would never happen to any of my kids. This is my daughter!”

Do you think Amber should’ve been told sooner about Leah’s panic attacks? Will Amber continue to blame herself for them? Leave your support for Amber and Leah in the comments, then stay tuned to Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.