New Midsommar Footage Makes A Nightmarish Set Of Rituals Look Like A Vacation

Happy summer solstice, indeed

The upcoming Midsommar has essentially perfected the art of making a terrifying brush with what looks like a cult seem like an idyllic Swedish getaway.

That's the vibe in the newest Midsommar footage as well, which lists off just some of the ways those who find themselves whisked away to the nightmarish summer festival can "enjoy" their time there.

Ari Aster's bizarre summer thriller looks like one insane trip, but that's to be expected from the same director who brought us Hereditary, after all. The latest footage from the upcoming movie gives a brief "overview" of the activities you can supposedly take part in when attending the festival, like "chanting, blood pacts, clubbing, BBQ, and parades." Uh, yeah. It certainly sounds fun on paper, but in reality it'll be anything but. There's also "games" and "bonding" to take part in too, if you call being forced to take hallucinogenic substances a bonding experience.

The movie follows an American couple, Dani and Christian, who are dealing with some relationship troubles. After flying off for a trip to Sweden for some sort of strange festival in a remote village, things are about to take a turn for the worse. Soon, their relationship woes will be a thing of the past as they instead find themselves coming face to face with some sort of cult with its own set of stomach-churning rituals. The gorgeous, flower-laden fields and sunlight-soaked village belies something far more sinister than it's letting on, and it's going to be a treat watching it all unravel. While we've only seen quick glimpses of the disturbing visuals the movie will offer so far, it certainly looks like an experience we won't soon forget.


Midsommar is hitting theaters on July 3. With Stranger Things Season 3 beginning the next day on July 4, it's looking like a satisfying week for entertainment.