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14 K-pop Songs To Help Unleash Your Inner Extrovert This Gemini Season

From NCT 127 to LOONA, these songs embrace the many sides of the zodiac's most misunderstood sign

By Tássia Assis

If the steadiness of Taurus season got you feeling cozy and comfy, it’s time to get ready for the winds of change brought on by Gemini. With the start of Gemini season last week, the world welcomed a period of enhanced partnership and quick-witted communication. As an Air sign, Gemini is always on the run, flashing through the latest trends. As such, there's no time to stay still with this sign.

Though often perceived as being two-faced, a Gemini contains multitudes. As a mutable sign, they adapt and flex their way into what each situation asks, and you can never be quite sure of which version you're going to get. But leaving it to that is to undermine the sign's best traits: originality, versatility, and socializing. You won't ever be bored beside a Gemini.

That frenetic way of being can also bring out restlessness, heavy judging, and falling in and out of love like changing shoes. But Gemini energy is all about merging that innate duality and getting in sync. Its symbol — the Roman numeral II, or literal twin figures — depicts how important it is for this sign to find kindred spirits to share their vivacious minds with.

In order to ease you into this quicksilver period and inspire you to make the most of this stimulating, social season, here is a K-pop playlist embracing the many shades of Gemini:

(Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics)

  • LOONA, "Butterfly"

    One-fourth of LOONA are vibrant Gemini woman. Yves, Choerry, and JinSoul add their twin charms to the 12-member ensemble, and alongside Kim Lip, Chuu, and Heejin, it's clear that Air signs are the dominant force in this group. That explains LOONA's breezy nature, effortlessly welcoming change in a powerful, yet delicate, butterfly effect. Their latest single "Butterfly" taps into this very concept. With an experimental, high-pitched chorus and breathtaking choreography, this release is a powerful anthem about courage and freedom. The music video features a diverse cast of women and stands by a very Geminian synergy: Every girl in their orbit is LOONA, and LOONA is every girl.

    Biggest mood: "You just fly like a butterfly / Taking me far away wings wings / Just like this fly like a butterfly / Sounds of winds blowing around my ears."

  • Seventeen, "My I"

    Seventeen is home to two Geminis: Jun and Hoshi, both part of the group's performance (or, dance) unit. However, it’s China-line Jun and The8’s duet “My I” that most accurately depicts the twin sign’s duality. In a dark stage, a theatrical choreography gives shape to the inherent dichotomy of life: the yin and the yang, the I and the other. Bonded by the thread of destiny, their movements merge and divide while reminding us that light cannot exist without shadow. The duo yearns to find another version of themselves in the world, and therefore make a compelling spectacle out of Gemini’s innermost energy.

    Biggest mood: "When I meet you after time passes / I’ll know (you were my future) / I’ll know (I was your yesterday) / When I meet you after time passes / I’ll know (you protected me) / I’ll know (I desired you)."

  • Triple H, "Retro Future"

    Hyuna's star power can easily be mistaken for a boisterous Leo energy, but Geminis like her love to be the center of attention just as much. And what happens when they find a twin flame in the process? E'Dawn, the other half of K-pop's most electric couple, might have the answer — as he is also a Gemini. Triple H was, without a doubt, one of the most risqué and refreshing acts in the industry, and if not for Hui's grounded Virgo energy, who knows what tumultuous heights the twin couple would have reached. (Though, we're about to find out.) The single "Retro Future" is a groovy ride turned up a notch by their indisputable chemistry and overall Geminian talent in being the life of the party.

    Biggest mood: “What makes me dance at this boring party / Is this stop, ah ah ah ah ah / Till we reach out limit, touch, touch, never die / Swallow the deep poison ahead of time, that is mine.”

  • Twice, "Likey"

    Sociable and chatty Geminis are often masters of social media. (Mercury, the ruling planet of this sign, is also the ruler of all things communication and technology.) Twice’s resident Geminis, Tzuyu and Dahyun, helped the group shed some intriguing light on that matter with their 2017 single “Likey.” What appears to be a peppy song — not unlike their characteristic brand — hides a concerning message. Even the video normalizes the constant streaming of our lives, but it’s the lyrics that call out how constructed those images are, and how deeply they affect us. Even the most outgoing Gemini is bound to feel a bit overwhelmed with the demands of social media. Thankfully, "Likey" invites us to add some Air sign lightness into those experiences.

    Biggest mood: "Put on BB cream, pat pat pat / Put on lipstick, mam mam ma / Shall I make a pretty pose for the camera? / Look at this and smile for me / And please press it / On the bottom, that cute and red / Heart heart."

  • Taeyeon, "Gemini"

    Taeyeon’s haunting ballad "Gemini" draws inspiration directly from its namesake sign’s longing for a soulmate. As the emotional Pisces she is, the singer reminisces about a former love and wishes for them to return in soft “come to me, baby” croons. As they used to do to everything together, this symbiosis led them to become like twins. However, Gemini’s characteristic quick-pace and fleeting feelings soon hit, and left only memories in the aftermath.

    Biggest mood: "We were always together, we became alike / I can’t even imagine forgetting you, / We were one, me and you."

  • HA:TFELT, "Pluhmm"

    Former Wonder Girls’ member Yeeun, known as HA:TFELT in her solo career, has composed and written several songs throughout her decade-long career. As expected from a Gemini, her razor-sharp mind often results in work that bursts with originality. “Pluhmm,” a bossa nova track mixed with electronic synths is a great example. Yeeun sings in a lush, sensual voice about wanting to know everything about her lover — as curious as Geminis are —  asking mundane questions like “Do you like plums?" and "What is the name of your dog?” The witty music video also makes for a mentally stimulating puzzle in true Gemini style.

    Biggest mood: "I wanna know everything about you / I want to have your heart / I don’t wanna know if it’s not you / Just stay like that for a moment."

  • NCT 127, "Highway to Heaven"

    If LOONA is the ultimate Air sign girl group, then NCT 127 is its male counterpart. With five members born under that element, two of them are Geminis: vocalists Taeil and Haechan. It’s safe to say NCT wouldn’t be the same without their vocal colors, and "Highway to Heaven" is a soaring example. The song is as freeing as its title, and takes us on a swift journey that satisfies with highs notes and an otherworldly feeling of being infinite. The music video brings a tint of nostalgia with black and white roads, tunnels, and deserts juxtaposed with solo shots of the members. It’s a great song to get into Gemini’s more lighthearted nature and simply go with the flow.

    Biggest mood: "Pull up, if you want (all over the world) / Wherever it is, we can go / Now we fly to the sky / If you want, make you high, follow me / Look! We’re going forward / We can make mistakes, just repeat / Keep going till it works, like this / There’s no limit, we limitless."

  • Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy"

    Geminis are known to be walking contradictions, and here is a track that also can’t decide whatever it is. An avant-garde mixture of styles and transitions, Girls’ Generation’s "I Got a Boy" is a classic that continues to influence K-pop releases to this day. It’s the kind of song that you either love, hate, or learn to love the more you listen to. The clashing, colorful visuals add an epic undertone to the experience, and overall it’s as if hearing a Gemini say, "Why choose only one thing when you can be all of them?"

    Biggest mood: "Let me introduce myself / Here comes trouble, whoo! Follow us."

  • Ailee, "U&I"

    Just like Hyuna, Ailee is another Gemini who could easily pass as a Leo. Her powerhouse vocals and magnetic smile are undeniable proof that she was born to be under the spotlight, especially with a song like "U&I." Geminis have no time for BS, and you either follow their frenetic pace or become history, like the love interest in this track. A luxurious music video enables Ailee to gain back her power as she realizes her current relationship doesn’t satisfy her needs anymore, and therefore it’s the moment to break up. Geminis have no problem in moving on and letting go — because they are sure better things await in the future.

    Biggest mood: "I want to stop fighting now / There’s not a day where we just let things go / My days have no meaning now / I don’t smile even for one minute or one second / I can’t do this anymore."

  • The Boyz, "Giddy Up"

    "Giddy Up" is another song brimming with Gemini's enthusiasm. The Boyz thoroughly enjoy themselves on this uplifting tune just like the twins do at any social gathering. The visual is set inside a giant pinball machine, where every moment is rather hit or miss, as the group sings about relaxing and rejoicing in the excitement of a new love. Even if this fleeting game only lasts four minutes, Geminis make sure it's well worth the time.

    Biggest mood: "Just like we feel right now, let’s run to the sky / Throw away your worries, trust yourself with me / Eeny meeny miney mo, no need to make it hard / Just need your heart fluttering eyes, throw yourself."

  • KARD, "Push & Pull"

    Gemini's ever-changing opinions are surely hard to understand for most of us. In the B side "Push & Pull," KARD makes use of a somber tropical house melody to express their frustration on that matter. Like a tug of war, the co-ed quartet feels played and tries to reason why their partner can’t be more straightforward. Although no behavior is exclusive of a Zodiac sign, this one particularly fits the “I’m in/I’m out” habits that so many Geminis are known for.

    Biggest mood: "Don’t play with me that game / With the sign you sent / I went closer to you / But why are you confusing me?"

  • NU'EST, "Sleep Talking"

    As the most conversational sign of the Zodiac, Geminis can easily relate to "Sleep Talking" instead of sleeping. However, on this track, NU'EST — who is home to two Geminis, JR and Aron — suffers from an inability to declare their love and instead find themselves living it in their dreams. The vivid music video features a set of surreal rooms from where they try to escape and come back to the real world. While they struggle, the main intention of Gemini is still present: communicating, no matter what obstacles they might find.

    Biggest mood: "This doesn’t make sense / She’s smiling right in front / Of me Right now / She appears when I go to sleep / She disappears when I awake / I want to hold onto her, say / I want to confess, confess, confess, confess but I sleep talk."

  • DIA, "Woo Woo"

    DIA is another group that features a trio of Geminis: Huihyeon, Jueun, and Eunchae. In their 2018 release "WooWoo," summertime vibes infuse with Miami bass influences. The music video follows the relaxing sounds, and features the girls having fun at the beach, eating pizza, and being playful with each other. There’s even a challenge to find specific items hidden in the scenes, instigating Gemini's curious nature. Meanwhile, the lyrics yet again approach the two-faced nature of this sign, as the girls feel confused about a love who can’t seem to decide what is happening between them. And it's this disparity between visuals and lyrics that make "WooWoo" even more authentically Gemini.

    Biggest mood: "I get tied up with just one word / Then you loosen me up again / It just takes one moment / You do this all the time / You confuse me."

  • Weki Meki, "Picky Picky"

    Ultimately, Geminis can't stand still because they are always on the lookout for the best. This kind of powering through can create an inclination toward indecisiveness, or rather, being picky, as Weki Meki can attest. "Picky Picky" is a cheerful track that takes pride in choosing exactly what you want, no matter what others think. The fun music video has the girls messing around in a school and forming a rock band (in true Gemini learning skills) where they exercise blissful confidence in being unapologetically who they are.

    Biggest mood: "Make me feel better, ooh / But someone too typical / I don’t like, I don’t want / I like being risky, I like it but / I don’t like being scared, hate it."