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Watch Sigrid Beautifully Cover A Billie Eilish Deep Cut: 'What A Tune'

It's so pretty that you'll forget the song is about murder

Two of the most critically adored debut pop albums this year have come from Sigrid and Billie Eilish, who, on paper, don't have much in common besides that fact. The former artist is a Norwegian pop star with a penchant for big, bombastic hooks, while the latter is an L.A. native whose quirky, genre-defying album became a sleeper hit and rose to the top of the charts. But their two worlds have unexpectedly collided this week after Sigrid chose to cover a Billie deep cut during a live session at Swedish station Sveriges Radio.

Flanked by an acoustic guitarist and a backing vocalist, Sigrid served up an extremely faithful rendition of "bellyache," from Eilish's 2017 EP, Don't Smile At Me. The Sucker Punch singer nailed the acoustic-led macabre tale, in which Eilish took on the persona of a psychopath who'd killed her friends and dumped their bodies in the trunk of her car. The original song sounded so sweet that it made you forget it's about murder, and Sigrid managed to do the same with her stripped-back, honeyed rendition.

"What a tune," Sigrid said of the original track on Tuesday (May 21) while sharing her own — check it out below.

Both Sigrid and Eilish are due to perform at the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival in June. Fingers crossed the two artists meet up and make our pop-loving heads explode.