Teen Mom OG First: Why Amber Decided To Film A Deeply Personal Part Of Her Life

Find out what the mom of two finally decided to document

Amber has been candid about her bipolar and borderline personality disorders "to inspire and educate" others. And during tonight's brand-new Teen Mom OG episode, the mother of two took this goal one step further and filmed a portion of her recovery she had refrained from sharing on camera until now: a therapy session. So why the shift in exposing this deeply personal and painful part of her life?

"It's hard -- I think there's just such a big stigma against people like me [with bipolar and borderline]," she told Andrew before the appointment.

"I think a lot of people try to hide their condition and not really be open about it," Andrew responded, while Amber admitted that was how she proceeded as well.

When it came time for the to-be-televised sit-down -- Andrew wanted to join Amber -- she openly expressed that her mood swings have been extremely challenging, and "tiny things" enrage her. When her psychiatrist pressed if she felt attacked, Amber tearfully confessed she did -- and sometimes by James' father.

"Sometimes I feel attacked when Andrew doesn't understand things," she revealed. "There's things that he doesn't understand about bipolar and about what I have, and it hurts my feelings because I want the number-one person to know everything about me."

Her therapist then offered Amber and Andrew some important perspective on how to better cope during difficult incidents.

"People who are in relationships with people who have borderline personality disorder, it's helpful that they have an understanding of it as well. Because often, they don't understand [and ask], 'What did I just say? What did I just do that made her so angry?'"

In addition, validating feelings is vital -- and this specific dialogue struck a chord with Amber.

"Every year, we've tried with medication -- lowering them, taking away some," she sobbed. "I'll do anything to be normal. I love this man more than anything, and he treats me really well. And I feel like I'm a bad person sometimes."

Andrew and the therapist assured her that her sad sentiment about herself was not the truth, but she insisted it's a "war with your f*cking brain."

"I think it just bothers me because I want to hear someone tell me there's a cure, so I can walk outside and feel happy," she painfully said.

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