Will Addie's Illness Bring Leah And Jeremy Back Together On Teen Mom 2?

The exes put on a united front during the season finale

Adalynn has been pretty vocal on Teen Mom 2 about how she wants her mom Leah and dad Jeremy to get back together. She was also pretty clear with how she felt about her mama’s now-ex boyfriend Jason: “I like him as a friend, but I don’t like him,” the outspoken (and hilarious) little one said a few weeks back. Now, on this week’s season finale, Leah and Jeremy reunited.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t for the best of reasons. Addie woke up with swollen lymph nodes in her neck, so Leah called Jeremy, who drove three hours home from work to accompany his daughter (and his ex-wife) to the emergency room. The situation was especially troubling since Addie was otherwise feeling fine and Jeremy had a history of similar medical issues in his family.

As they awaited Adalynn’s test results and worried she’d need to be admitted to the hospital yet again, Jeremy proposed that Leah and her girls -- including twins Ali and Aleeah -- stay at his place since he lived closer to the hospital. Leah told this to her sister but insisted nothing happened -- she said she and Jeremy slept on opposite ends of the couch -- and that they were merely putting on a united front for their child.

“I literally just got out of a breakup,” she said. “We were doing the best thing for Addie in that moment… neither of us wanted to leave her… I was extremely impressed that [Jeremy] drove all the way from work and was concerned, and he stepped up.”

Okay, but was Leah impressed enough to give the relationship another go, or are they just reuniting in Addie’s time of need? What’s next for these two? Tell us your thoughts, then find out their status on Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion Monday at 9/8c.