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Lili Reinhart Makes Pole Dancing (And Everything Else) Look So Easy

Work it, Lili!

Hustlers has an absolutely stunning cast: Cardi B making her acting debut, Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, and even Riverdale's Lili Reinhart.

The movie finds the actresses taking on the roles of former strippers looking to turn the tables on the Wall Street men who frequented the establishment they worked at. And Lili Reinhart just gave us one of our first looks at the anticipated flick with a behind-the-scenes peak at her pole-dancing rehearsal.

Lili Reinhart/Instagram

Taking to her Instagram story, she shared a photo of what looks like practice for the movie, and while it does look like she knows what she's doing, it also looks incredibly difficult. True, we already saw Lili serving some seriously sensual vibes thanks to Dark Betty's Serpent dance, but this shot has us gasping over how easy she's making it look — in heels!

"Really nailing this whole pole thing," she captioned her Instagram post.

We're not quite sure if Lili is getting her own scene where she'll show off her skills just yet, but given the movie's subject manner, she'll probably be seen hitting up the poles quite often.

Hustlers, which was inspired by a 2015 New York Magazine article that followed strippers who stole from typically rich and disgusting (to them) men to give to themselves — a "modern Robin Hood story," according to author Jessica Pressler.

The strippers in the movie form an alliance and work together to steal tens of thousands of dollars from the wealthy clients they've come to despise. We haven't seen much of the movie just yet, but it already sounds like something we'll absolutely be into — and with this quick look at Lili in practice to knock our socks off, you can count on our butts being in the seats as soon as Hustlers is out.

Speaking of, there's hardly a wait to see it! Hustlers is hitting theaters on September 13.