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The Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer Finally Reveals Mewtwo

We choose you, Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is bringing his quick wit and biting humor to Detective Pikachu, and we can't wait to see it come to life.

Reynolds is voicing the iconic yellow Pokémon (if you weren't already aware), and we got another hefty dose of his version of Pikachu in the movie's latest trailer. It also came with a surprise: Our first look at the #150th Pokémon itself, Mewtwo.

Reynolds took to Twitter on Monday (February 25) with a side-splitting fake documentary running down his "method acting" best practices and getting into Pikachu's head for the role. He teased the new trailer, which dropped on Tuesday morning (February 26) and it's even funnier than the first one.

To kick things off, we get a quick glimpse of Pikachu's origin story. It turns out he's an amnesiac and remembers nothing of who he actually is. Armed with only Harry Goodman's address stitched inside his detective hat, he's doing his best to remember who he is, and that address may have his first clue. As he stumbles around trying to find clues to his identity, he runs into Harry's son Tim (Justice Smith) for the first time, and the two form an instant but uneasy friendship that's immediately evident through Tim's unwillingness to accept this Pikachu can actually talk.

"If you wanna find your pops, we're gonna need each other.

"I don't need a Pokémon!" counters an exasperated Tim.

"What about a world-class detective?" exclaims Pikachu. Touché.

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The trailer is full of some hilarious exchanges between Pikachu and Tim, emphasizing some of their side-splitting interactions peppered throughout the movie. It turns out that Pikachu is addicted to caffeine, which probably isn't the best idea for an electric mouse to consume a lot of.

"Another round. Extra shot. Black as night," Pikachu tells a Pokémon named Ludicolo as he demands another coffee. Ludicolo hurriedly obeys.

Based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name, the upcoming Pokémon film follows Tim Goodman, a former Pokémon trainer and son of detective Harry Goodman. After his father disappears following a car crash, Tim finds himself in Ryme City, considering his career as a trainer. That's when he meets the tough-talking, wise-cracking Detective Pikachu.

Tim is the only one who's able to understand Pikachu, as he sounds like just another Pokémon to everyone else out in the world. The two pair up to find Tim's father and unravel the mystery surrounding his disappearance. What begins as a missing persons case quickly transforms into the unraveling of a nefarious plot that's actually threatening the whole of the Pokémon universe.

Speaking of Pokémon, there's a wide variety of different monsters seen in this new trailer, ranging from an angry Jigglypuff to Snubbull, and an explosive appearance from the all-powerful clone Pokémon Mewtwo near the end. It's not clear just yet what sort of role Mewtwo will play in the movie, but if it follows the same story line as the game as it looks poised to do, expect a very interesting ending.

Detective Pikachu will set off sparks in theaters this May 20.