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Ed Sheeran Suggests Renaming A Beatles Classic In Yesterday's First Trailer

It's a rock and roll rom-com about a Beatle-less world

You've probably heard of The Beatles, right? Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr. "Hey Jude," "Penny Lane," "All You Need Is Love." The list goes on.

...But what if it didn't? What if the entire world collectively forgot about The Beatles, except for you?

That is the premise of Universal's upcoming movie, Yesterday.

In the first trailer for the rock and roll rom-com, we meet Jack (played by Himesh Patel), a struggling musician who, by some horrifying "miracle," becomes the only person in the world who knows about The Beatles and their entire music catalogue.

As Jack introduces the world to some of the greatest music of all time, and with the help of his agent Debra (Kate McKinnon), he finally gets the fame and recognition he's always wanted, landing a spot on James Corden's late-night couch, a seat at the head of a massive press conference, and studio sessions with Ed Sheeran, who appallingly suggests renaming "Hey Jude" to "Hey Dude." (Did Sheeran learn nothing from the backlash to his Game of Thrones cameo?)

But as Jack gets increasingly caught up in the Beatlemania — which I guess would just be Jackmania, in this world — he risks losing Ellie (Lily James), his childhood best friend and biggest all-time champion who has been harboring some secret feelings for him this whole time.

Directed by Slumdog Millionaire's Danny Boyle and written by Love Actually's Richard Curtis, Yesterday hits theaters June 28.