Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty

No, Game Of Thrones Didn't Drive Ed Sheeran Off Twitter

'Timing was just coincidence'

Ed Sheeran's Twitter profile has been through a lot this week. First, it disappeared completely, and then hours later, it resurfaced with countless deleted followers and tweets, which have now been restored. What gives?

The internet speculated wildly about what caused Sheeran's sudden departure. Maybe he was tired of haters criticizing his Game of Thrones cameo last weekend (which prompted the episode's director to offer his support for Ed). Or maybe Lady Gaga fans were still trolling his mentions.

Fortunately, we don't need to dwell on this anymore, as Sheeran himself cleared the air Wednesday (July 19) on Instagram. Consider this mystery solved.

"I came off Twitter Coz I was always intending to come off Twitter," he wrote. "Had nothing to do with what people said about my [Game of Thrones] cameo, because I am in [Game of Thrones], [so] why the hell would I worry what people thought about that. It's clearly fuckin' awesome. Timing was just a coincidence, but believe what you want."

There you have it, folks. And we even get a photo of him in pajama pants!