Can Vee Help Kailyn And Jo Mend Fences Amid Their Teen Mom 2 Battle?

Concerned about Isaac, the youngster's stepmom is stepping in

We didn't think we'd see the day when Vee would be texting Kailyn to try and get her to communicate better with Jo, but oh, how times have changed on Teen Mom 2. Isaac's stepmom is now the one trying to keep the peace between his parents ever since Jo blindsided Kailyn by filing for child support and back child support.

As we saw on tonight’s episode, Jo and Kail did not interact at their son’s basketball practice, as Kail earlier proclaimed she “had nothing to say to him” since the filing. But afterward, Vee told producers she didn’t agree with Jo getting the courts involved, so she texted Kailyn in an attempt to get the exes to talk it out.

“Why didn’t you guys just say, ‘Listen, we need to sit down together and figure this sh*t out'?” she asked. “There’s gotta be something you could’ve done. [Jo] is hurt; he feels backstabbed a little bit. I just feel like, little by little, Isaac will [say], 'Why aren’t my parents as close as they used to be? Why don’t they talk to each other?' You don’t think it’s going to impact him now, but it will.”

Meanwhile, Kailyn told her pal Becky that she had no intention of discussing the issue, especially after Vee pretty much told her “that Jo did it out of spite and just to be petty.” And, like Vee, Becky worried about the boy and how his parents’ distance would affect him emotionally.

Do you think Kail will confront the issue? Will Vee help bring Isaac’s mom and dad together and back on the same page? Tell us what you’re thinking, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.