Teen Mom 2 Reconciliation: Should Kailyn Reconnect With Her Mother?

She wants her kids to know Suzi -- but fears the worst

Kailyn pondered a big question on tonight’s Teen Mom 2: Does she really want her mother Suzi back in her life?

There's a lot of history between the mother-daughter duo. Kail and Suzi have been on and off throughout her childhood due primarily to the latter’s substance abuse issues. But as Kailyn celebrated the first birthday of her third son -- who she wasn’t even sure her mom knew about -- she thought now could be the right time to reconnect for her kids’ sake.

The epiphany occurred after Lux’s first birthday party, which his dad Chris as well as Chris’ family attended. Kail pointed out that both Jo’s and Javi’s families were involved in Isaac's and Lincoln’s lives, and she wanted her sons to get to know her side of the family, despite their history.

“She’d be sober for a week, and then she’d go missing for week,” she said of growing up with her mom. “I didn’t see her; I’d be looking out the window. I was Isaac’s age, staying home by myself. I had every bar in town’s [number] memorized. I would call and ask, ‘Is my mom there?’”

Kail then told producers she wanted to talk about the topic on an episode of her podcast, and she got Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn and Tyler to drop by as guests, since Tyler has had a similar experience with his dad Butch.

“I want [to reconnect] for my kids,” she told the OGs on her podcast. “When my mom is sober, she’s such a good person, and I want my kids to experience that.“

However, Kail still had reservations and feared things wouldn’t be different this time because Suzi hasn’t really changed.

“Am I ready to have a relationship with her again?” she wondered. “Am I okay with it if she’s not sober all the time?”

Do you think Kail is ready to reconnect with her mother and, more importantly, should she? Give us your opinion, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 9/8c.