Teen Mom 2 Poll: Should Barbara Meet Up With Jace's Father?

After nine years, Andrew finally wants to get to know his son

Jenelle's son Jace doesn't know his father Andrew, but that might just change on Teen Mom 2.

On tonight’s episode, producer Kirsten told Jenelle that Andrew, who hadn't seen his boy since he was born, contacted the crew and tried to get them to bring Jace to see him in New York. Andrew's goal: He wanted to re-establish a relationship with the nine-year-old after being absent his entire life.

Jenelle was surprised and, of course, had reservations.

“That’s Jace’s dad... but I know how he is, and I don’t want him to disappoint my son,” she said. “I don’t want him to pop in his life and pop back out... That happened to me as a child when my dad did it, and I’m not having it happen to Jace.”

Barbara, who still has custody of the child, was also dubious when Jenelle told her what was happening and didn’t want to bring more stress upon Jace (though she did admit the boy had occasionally asked about his father). But after getting permission from Jenelle, she agreed to first meet up with Andrew on her own to make sure he was sober and had his life together as he claimed -- and that he was serious about being there for her grandson.

“I gotta see you,” she told Andrew via Facetime (with Jenelle by her side listening to the conversation). “Maybe I can come to New York and meet you alone and make sure that everything is okay and I feel like it’s safe that Jace is around you. Let’s make a plan, okay?”

Andrew obliged, but is this meetup a good idea, or should Barbara (and Jenelle) ignore his requests and let Jace be? Vote below, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 9/8c.