Floribama Fight Club: What Will Happen After The Gang's Latest Bar Brawl?

Thanks for saying hi, Logan

We haven't seen a fight this insane since the one with those people. You know the ones -- the dollar-draft-beer folk.

Fresh off a little too much excitement in New Orleans, the MTV Floribama Shore gang was out for a chill, drama-free night at No Name Lounge -- but the end result was a brawl that was reminiscent of last summer's redneck rumble. Only this time, it was centered around none other than Logan, Kortni's ex-boyfriend.

Perhaps Codi said it best: "What a welcome back to PCB this is. Our first night out, and we run into this stupid motherf*cker."

The interaction between the Panama City Beach local and our beloved Southern crew started out innocently enough -- Logan was actually kind enough to offer the guys jobs. (Doing what, we may never know. They already work at Shore Dogs anyway, thankyouverymuch.)

He then brought up his ex lady love (shocker), in between chatter about signing a record deal and buying a round of shots.

"If Kortni wants to be with me, she's gonna have to call me in three days, or I'm not waitin' no more," Logan shared. "I wrote her a letter. I wrote her a song and gave her flowers, and she didn't even call me."

No means no, Logan, but we digress. That's when Jeremiah, Kortni's not-so-secret knight in shining armor, said he was done with the dude's antics.

"Logan came up to us not once, not twice, but three times," he said. "I've had enough. I'm tired of him freakin' running his suck."

That led to the most epic, expletive-laced showdown in the history of ever, consisting of a mad invasion of personal space and Logan calling Jeremiah every name in the book, from a "tourist" to a "scrub."

Naturally, the situation quickly escalated into a testosterone-fueled shoving match. When the girls caught wind of the bar fight, Kortni did what any ex-girlfriend does and tossed her drink on Logan. And suddenly, everyone was pushing everyone, and what in the hell was going on?!

The crew had literally just smoothed over its drama in the Big Easy, and now this. So what's next? A heart to heart between Kortni and Logan? (Probably not.) Another cast member in handcuffs? (Please no.) And more importantly, is this the last we'll see of Logan? Comment with your thoughts, keep up with MTV News for further MTV Floribama Shore updates and catch brand-new episodes on Thursday, November 29!