Floribama Friendship: Who Does Kirk Say Supported Him The Most After His Arrest?

Just this week, the MTV cast member discovered he wouldn't face any charges

The last episode of Floribama Shore featured Kirk being put in handcuffs and into the back of a police car right outside the MTV house. But during this week's edition, he was given some good news.

"This gentleman over here that you slapped in the face at Coyote Ugly's has changed his mind," an officer told Kirk. "He doesn't want to press charges against you. That's the only reason you're not going to jail tonight."

Kirk apologized to the officers and thanked them -- and when he returned home, he stated that he "didn't mean it" but "can't tolerate people disrespecting people I care about." And speaking of his housemates, which roommate would Kirk single out as the most supportive following the ordeal?

"I would have to say Candace," Kirk recently revealed to MTV News, while adding that all his roomies were there for him. "She had my back -- she almost went to jail for me, pretty much. I was like, 'You don't need to do all of that.' I love her."

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