Tales Of The Challenge: Which CT Moment Still Gives Cara Maria Chills?

Some of Mr. Tamburello's best-known competitors are revealing what they remember about him most

CT has been an integral part of The Challenge since 2004 -- and through his tremendous MTV tenure, the Rivals II and Invasion of the Champions winner has greatly impacted those who he competed both with and against. But which CT-related moments -- on-camera as well as off-camera -- stand out for the competitors who were present at his recent wedding?

"I’ve had a lot of memories with CT, but my number one that sticks out was on Free Agents when I broke my wrist," Cara Maria revealed, explaining that the incident happened toward the end of the season and she was allowed to keep playing in missions. "By random draw, I got to pick one of the guys [in one of the final missions] ... and I saw CT standing there, and I wanted him as my partner. I’m looking at him, and he looked at me and goes, ‘Pick me.’ I was like, ‘CT, are you sure? I’m broken.’ And he walks up to me and goes, ‘I’m with Cara.’ He said, ‘I would rather have Cara broken than any girl on their best day.’ It gives me chills thinking about it. He believed in me so much. I love that guy."

For his part, Wes can't help but reflect on their tremendous victory as teammates and how he helped CT secure his first W.

"It was evident that we were going to win in the last lap, and so it was a victory lap," the veteran remembers. "It was fun getting pep talks from him. He told me how much I mean to him and me the same for him. It was such a good end to our rivalry and all of the hardships we had."

He continued: "He’s such a bear. When we finished and we got on a boat, he engulf[ed] me with this big hug. It [was] impossible to forget. He’s a great person that I never would have been able to meet or get to know without this show."

Meanwhile, Tony couldn't help but harken back to a more humorous tale.

"It’s not my proudest moment and probably not his proudest moment, but when we were partners on Champs Vs. Stars, he farted in my face. Before we started, I said, ‘Dude, if you fart in my face, I’m pushing you in the water.’ Sure enough, he did. I didn’t push him because I wanted to win, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind."

Lastly, Shane's CT memory is quite the throwback, going all the way back to their Inferno days.

"After CT took me out in the Cookies and Milk elimination, I was always extremely intimidated by him," the Road Rules vet revealed. "He’s just a larger-than-life personality. We shot the reunion together, and that’s the day we really became friends. He pulled me under his wing, and we bonded over his love for Simon [from Real World: Paris]. He’s always had respect for me. And looking back on the elimination, he said he had to pick his friend David Burns [from Real World: Seattle] over keeping me there, but he said, 'I always felt like you were a very special person.'"

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