Ariana's Uncles: How The Jersey Shore Guys Are Bonding With Ronnie's Baby Girl

'We're gonna be like one big, giant, dysfunctional family'

Ariana Sky is really feelin' the Family Vacation love!

During this week's premiere, Ronnie couldn't wait for his Jersey Shore  fam to finally bond with his precious baby girl while the gang was in Las Vegas (Ron currently resides in Sin City).

"I'm really excited for everyone to meet the baby," the new dad shared shortly before on-again-off-again girlfriend Jen's highly anticipated arrival with Ariana. "Those are her aunts and uncles. She's gonna be playing with their kids; she's gonna grow up around them. We're gonna be like one big, giant, dysfunctional family."

We fully expected resident Jersey Shore mamas Snooki and JWOWW to swoon over the mini meatball (mission accomplished!), but how did the guys take to meeting Ariana? Let's just say that Ron's daughter officially has a trio of very smitten uncles, and each seems to already have a very specific role:

  • Pauly D: The Fun Uncle

    Fellow dad Pauly D, who lives in Vegas alongside Jen and Ronnie, was the first to meet the babe. "You got a good one here, a good little peanut," the DJ said, who later tried to coerce the tyke into imitating his favorite catchphrase, "Yeahhh, buddy!" Give her a few months, Pauly -- she'll be yelling, "Cabs are here!" in no time.

  • Mike: The Clueless Uncle

    Mike may not know how to change a diaper, but he's got nothing but love for his unofficial niece. "Big Daddy Sitch has never held a baby before," he confessed. "What do I do with these hands?" (Just don't eat her. As Pauly noted, "Mike's ate burritos bigger than that baby.")

  • Vinny: The Protective Uncle

    The newly single Vinny said he's not into having kids: "I'm good with holding someone else's baby," he announced. But the Staten Island native quickly changed his tune after Ariana snuggled into the crook of his neck. "Holding this little innocent life, it was just an amazing feeling, honestly," he said. "Her little cheek resting in my neck, and I was just melting. That's it -- I'm having a baby. Pauly D, let's go." Vinny also cemented his status as Ariana's protector, stating, "You're never allowed you go out [or] have any boyfriends."

Keep up with Ariana's devoted aunts and uncles on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 every Thursday at 8/7c.