Reality Check: Kortni May Be Pregnant On Floribama Shore

PCB's wild child got some sobering news -- but is she or isn't she?

Kortni received a major wakeup call on tonight's MTV Floribama Shore -- one that could put the kibosh on her krazy antics for good.

During a chat with her "cooter doctor" to report her "f*cked-up" vagina (Kortni's description), the Panama City Beach local admitted to having repeated unprotected sex with her boyfriend Logan. Turns out a pregnancy test was in order, and luckily, Nilsa basically had one in her back pocket.

The verdict? An extremely confusing test result in the form of a very faint line.

In order to be on the safe side before confirming the news at her ob-gyn appointment, Kortni ceased drinking and leaned on her roommates for support -- which included some wise words from Aimee.

"Everything in life is either a blessin' or a lesson," said the 'Bama-born blonde. "Kortni, you're a kid yourself. You don't want a kid right now. I have some condoms in my purse -- start using protection."

But it wasn't until later, during Kortni's call to her mom, that we learned the 22-year-old's true fears: "If I am pregnant, I don't want to have a miscarriage," she told Miss Sharon. "I can't handle that. If I'm stressed, my body's not going to let me carry a child."

One possible reason for her fears: Kortni admitted that she'd had a miscarriage once before, then said she's trying doubly hard to keep her stress level down.

"I told myself that if I ever got pregnant again, I would do everything in my power to be mature," she said.

When Kortni could wait no longer, she opted to piss on another stick take a "non-ghetto version pregnancy test" (aka not some old test at the bottom of Nilly's purse). So is she or isn't she? Find out on MTV Floribama Shore next Monday at 10/9c.