MTV Floribama Shore Premiere: These Are Kortni's Kraziest Moments

The Panama City Beach native is already living up to her nickname

They don't call her "Krazy Kortni" for nothin'.

After just moving out of her parents' house, the 21-year-old is experiencing her first taste of freedom at the MTV Floribama Shore -- and soaking up every single minute. From peeing in her roommate's bed (relive it below) to picking fights at bars, Kortni is unabashedly letting her freak flag (and her animal-print onesies) fly all over her hometown of Panama City Beach...and it's only the beginning of the season!

Check out our roundup of her wildest antics from the series premiere, because honestly, these GIFs were just too good to pass up.

To see what's next for "Krazy Kortni," catch an all-new episode of MTV Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.