Will Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Ever Welcome Barbara Back Into Her Life?

Babs extended an olive branch, but her daughter wasn't having it

Jenelle and her mother Barbara have grown more and more distant on Teen Mom 2 -- Jenelle has made it clear she wants little to do with Babs until she gives her back full custody of her oldest son Jace, and Jenelle didn't invite Babs to her wedding. Now, on this week’s episode, Barbara tried to make amends by reaching out, but Jenelle had no interest in reconnecting.

“No, I’m busy,” Jenelle told her mother during one of Jace’s drop-offs.

But earlier, Jenelle had a conversation with her friend Jamie that could’ve explained her cold reaction toward Barbara. She recalled a phone call her mom had with Jace during which Babs told the boy (on speakerphone) that she will talk to her lawyer, and when he is 10, he can decide “if you want to go to Mommy’s house anymore.”

Jenelle got upset, texting her mom and telling her not call Jace anymore -- and not to have “adult conversations” with her child.

“He’s eight years old -- why would you do that?" she asked. "When he’s 10, he can tell the judge, ‘I wanna stay here or I wanna go there.’"

So where does Jace want to go? One clue: a conversation he had with Babs upon returning home from a visit with his mother and step-dad. “Mommy and David are pieces of sh*t,” he said when his grandmother asked why his brother Kaiser was in daycare instead of on the boat with the whole family. “Mommy is mean.”

Ouch. With so much going on between them, do you think Jenelle will ever accept Babs' olive branch and let her back into her life? Tell us your thoughts, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.