'You're Moving Way Too Quick': Should Teen Mom 2's Javi Propose To Briana Already?

The Air Force man is headed overseas -- but still wants to pop the question

The last time Javi deployed on Teen Mom 2, he was facing uncertain times with Kailyn and missing his family badly. Fast forward a few years, and the Air Force man is about to head overseas again. But will distance work in his favor this time -- and potentially be his and Briana’s first step to forever?

Tonight’s episode found Javi breaking the news to his ex-wife Kailyn and, separately, to his girlfriend Briana, that he’s about to spend the next six months overseas. Kail seemed unconcerned except for how it related to their son Lincoln. Bri, meanwhile, was confident that their relationship, though new, could withstand the distance. She also believed the time away from home wouldn’t be as stressful for Javi as it was the first time.

“I think you’ll be fine though,” she told Javi, who appreciated her positivity. “Six months are going to fly by.”

During his visit, the duo even got matching king and queen chess piece tattoos -- “Sorry, we can’t break up -- you’re stuck with me forever in some way,” Javi joked at the ink shop -- and he made Briana and her daughters promise they’d be there to pick him up at the airport at the end of his trip.

But little did the Florida gal know her beau had another major move in the works: a proposal.

Javi returned home to Delaware and told his sister Lydia how much more confident he was about this deployment than the previous one, in part because of his supportive and optimistic partner.

“Briana really cares about me... [She] is someone special, and I’m grateful that she’s in my life, and so I’m making moves to do what I have to do to continue our plans,” he said.

Then he whipped out a small box with a diamond ring inside, which Lydia was certainly not expecting.

“Do I think you’re moving way too quick? Yeah,” she said of his plans to pop the question. “You have to remember it’s two families merging into one. Give yourself time. If this is truly different and you’re 200 percent sure that this is what you wanna do, then do it correctly.”

But will Javi really ask Bri to marry him before he leaves -- and better yet, should he? And will their romance survive the deployment, with or without a ring? Tell us your thoughts, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c!