Can Ex On The Beach's Jasmine Be More Than 'Just Friends' With Marco?

He's confident they'll rekindle their romance -- but she's not so sure

Jasmine's bachelor days could be a thing of the past -- and it very well might be her ex who takes her off of the market.

During tonight's episode of Ex on the Beach, the OG single -- who was the last one to be greeted with a former flame -- saw Marco splish-splashing on the beach. According to this "little cutie" (Angela's hot take), he dated her for a month and a half (one of his "longest relationships"), and Jasmine's insecurities got in the way of their romance.

"To be honest, I wasn't interested in any other girls, so I would definitely want to rekindle things with Jasmine," Marco said. "There is that chemistry."

While Jasmine confessed that they had a lot of fun together, his "f**kboy tendencies"/the women around ultimately ruined things for her. And even though she wasn't exactly ready to jump back in bed the saddle with him, she was craving some attention in the house.

She immediately got another male surprise: Jasmine was greeted with a temptation/twist when she brought forbidden fruit stranger Charles into the abode (the fig leaf and the apple, because Adam and Eve) and had to oust Victoria's ex Luis. But when it came time to vote out an ex, she threw a crush chip Marco's way.

"I'm happy about it," she said of her choice. "We haven't really had that time to get to know like if we want to be more than just friends."

Will Jasmine and Marco reignite their spark in paradise -- and will she give him her final rose? Or will "this place" continue to "ruin lives" (thanks for the quote, Shanley) -- and are Jasmine and Marco the latest exes to be doomed? Vote in the poll, below, and catch these two every Thursday on Ex on the Beach at 9/8c.