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Meghan Trainor Doesn’t Want To Hear That You ‘Can’t Dance’ On New Songs

She has no patience for shy boys on two sugary new bops

It’s Meghan Trainor’s dance floor, and we’re all just guests on it. The club queen returned on Thursday (May 10) with two sugary new songs, both of which find her circling familiar, retro-inspired territory.

The first, “Let You Be Right,” is a disco-tinged make-up anthem. “I don’t wanna fight tonight / I’ma let you be right,” she coos on the bright, breezy chorus. The second, “Can’t Dance,” finds Trainor impatiently dealing with a “shy boy” who refuses to let loose. M-Train doesn’t buy that — remember, she’s all about “no excuses” — and proceeds to flirtatiously dole out step-by-step instructions for how to move with her.

"I was going to release just one song today, but I'm too excited so I'm giving you two! LET'S DANCE," Trainor said in a release about her new music.

“Let You Be Right” and “Can’t Dance” follow shortly after Trainor’s first single of the year, the groovy “No Excuses.” Dropping dual singles is a smart move — fans decide which song they prefer and the label can run with it — so she appears to be in a sweet spot as she glides into her new era. Few details have been revealed about Trainor’s upcoming third studio album, but she’s hinted that it will be her “best work yet.” Sounds promising!