Party Crasher: Who's Coming Back To Ex On The Beach?

Someone is returning (and we can't wait to find out who)

"They're back like herpes!" -- Take 2.

During this week's Ex on the Beach episode, a peek at the next installment revealed that "a surprise return" is going to "tear the Villa apart." Just when Taylor, Cory, Chase, Chris and (possibly?) Derrick (for sending Tor'i packing) thought they could breathe a sigh of relief...

A few clues about the mysterious guy/gal journeying back to the s**tshow fray: We saw a brief montage of ousted exes -- including Andre, Alicia and Chelsko. But it might not be Andre or Tor'i (again, not sure if it's a single or an ex), if Faith's "the bitch is back!" statement pertains to this new twist.

So who's coming back to the beach? Vote up/down on who you think is most likely to crash the party again, and do not miss the next Ex on the Beach Thursday at 9/8c!