Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Is Bracing For Another Custody Battle

During this week's episode, Nathan’s mom filed for emergency custody of Kaiser

Jenelle's relationships with her mother Barbara, baby daddy Nathan and Nathan’s mom Doris have (unfortunately) not improved since the last time we saw the Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Here's why: During this week's season premiere, the mother of three got served papers saying Doris was taking Jenelle to court and filing for emergency custody of her grandson Kaiser. In the documents, Doris claimed she found suspicious bruises on Kaiser's butt during a recent visit.

But Jenelle insinuated it was Doris who caused the toddler's marks by spanking him and expressed her anger about the situation to David.

“Don’t go behind my back and file for emergency custody," she said of Doris. "For real, I’m never going to forgive you for this. Now I look at you like I look at my mom.”

Jenelle also assumed Barb had something to do with the filing as "revenge" for not getting an invite to her and David's wedding.

Nathan, meanwhile, backed up his mom’s claims in a conversation with his pals, even alleging his son “told me David punched him one time… it does seem like [David] has tendencies to be a violent person.”

Later, when an article about the alleged abuse was printed -- complete with quotes from Babs herself -- Jenelle broke down about how everyone in her life was making things up about her husband and trying to ruin their happiness.

“I’m sick of us trying to have our happy ending and everyone is trying to f**k it up,” she told her hubby before telling executive producer Kristen, “Everything’s completely fine here and everyone else thinks it’s not, but it’s fine.”

Will Jenelle reach a resolution with Babs, Nathan and Doris? And how will the emergency custody filing be handled? Keep watching new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c to see what happens.