Halsey's Sparkly Bodysuit Is The Real Star Of Glitzy 'Alone' Video

She's the Gatsby of her own party

Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album is heavy inspired by Romeo and Juliet, specifically the hyper-romantic, desert-gritted, florally melodramatic 1996 Baz Luhrmann film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Her music videos over the past year have reflected this, serving Benvolio vibes in "Sorry" and creating her own version of the fish tank scene in "Bad At Love."

Her latest clip for the retro-themed "Alone" keeps those references going — at one point early on, she stands between two neon crosses in a direct callback to R+J's most pivotal scene — but swaps out the desert imagery for Jazz Age nightclub ambience.

Halsey co-directed the clip with Hannah Lux Davis, who's also helmed videos for Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly, and Hailee Steinfeld, among others. It's gorgeous and decadent, and resembles The Great Gatsby more than anything Shakespearian. And before you know, Big Sean pops up decked out in all white to offer an ill Halsey some momentary repose.

Stick around and you'll find slow-mo vaping, romantic drama, and a show-stopping (but brief) appearance by Stefflon Don. Watch the whole thing above, and then watch it again to spot all the subtle Romeo + Juliet references you might've missed.