Halsey Basically Recreated An Intense Scene From 'Romeo + Juliet' For The 'Sorry' Video

Blood, bodies, and open flame — it's a lot

Halsey has long since established herself as a Baz Luhrmann superfan, between her Great Gatsby-inspired Halloween costume and the overall aesthetic and concept behind Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, her latest album.

With "Sorry," the latest visual for a HFK track, she kicks up the Romeo + Juliet worship with a video that looks like it could've been pulled from Luhrmann's cutting room floor.

Following in the footsteps of "Now or Never," "Sorry" has Halsey surviving what appears to be a lethal disaster that's recalls the shoot-'em-up violence of Lurhmann's 1996 adaptation. As she stumbles out of a car covered in blood, we see she's wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and sporting a close cut not unlike the Montague's preferred look.

As she sings her apologies for the one who loves her unrequitedly, she surveys the damage in a daze: There's fire, blood, and bodies everywhere, including one of a slumped bride in the backseat of an abandoned car.

To say the vibe is dark would be the very least, but it smolders — literally and figuratively — thanks to Halsey's vision and commitment to a theme.