Ryan Opens Up About His Teen Mom OG Baby-On-The-Way

Will he tell Maci about the bundle of joy?

It's been nine years since Ryan became a parent (flashback to the 16 and Pregnant inaugural installment), and now Bentley's dad will soon be a father of two.

During tonight's episode, Mackenzie happily divulged to producer Jeni that she and Ryan are having a baby (hello, positive test!). And soon after the reveal, the couple discussed their baby-on-the way, plans to tell their parents first and that they would not spill the news to their exes. Ryan said "they'll find out" and believed Bentley would tell Maci -- and insisted it was "not a big deal."

"We've got so much to do, we have to start over," Mac said, as Ryan rattled off some of the items that they need (like a crib, stroller, baby food, diapers and more).

"Yeah, call me when he's about three," he muttered, to which his wife replied, "That's a d**k thing to say."

The Edwards have discussed children before -- and Ryan previously stated that "now is as good a time as ever" to have a baby. And "now" is here. And while he may have seemed subdued during the conversation during tonight's installment, viewers did not get a glimpse of the lovebirds learning about a mini-Ryan/mini-Mackenzie -- and Mac described her husband as "so excited he couldn't contain himself."

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