Why Ashley And Shen's Baby Shower Brawl Gave Us A Case Of Teen Mom Déjà Vu

Sometimes, history repeats itself -- in the most unfortunate ways

“It’s a baby shower… Why does everybody have to pull the bulls**t?”

Bar asked that question -- and summed up what we were all thinking -- during this week's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant installment. He and Ashley were celebrating their unborn daughter Holly with a unicorn-themed shower. But unfortunately, the party went from pretty to petty when Bar’s mom Shen showed up -- and fought with the mom-to-be and her guests.

The outspoken grandma first got upset when, during a party game, her son was referred to as Ashley’s “significant other” rather than by his name. She was also peeved when Ash opted out of posing for a photo with her man and his mother.

“Stop telling me not to be petty when I’m having fun and I’ve done every f**king thing you’ve asked me to do, then I’ve got her being petty,” Shen told her son. “You go get on her ass and get off mine.”

But things really took a turn when Ashley physically backed away as Shen went to say goodbye to baby Holly, resulting in the women -- and some other partygoers -- calling each other names. Shen stormed off while giving the finger -- and Ashley wound up crying in embarrassment to her BFFs over what had happened.

Does the scenario sound familiar? It should -- because Teen Mom 2’s Briana had a similar turn of events at her shower for baby Stella.

Let's recap the Season 8 situation: Stella’s father Luis showed up to the festivities with some pals, an unannounced film crew for a documentary and zero gifts for the baby. But that was only the beginning: Luis got upset when he learned Bri invited her ex-boyfriend Dre to the event.

“He’s not coming as a date -- he’s coming as a guest because he wanted to come. It’s not your place,” the expectant mama told Luis, later yelling to her mother Roxanne, “He could suck my d**k for all I care!”

So we have to ask: If you had to choose, would you rather fight with your baby daddy or your baby daddy’s mom at your shower? Take the poll below to cast your vote, tell us about your choice in the comments, and keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c!