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Lana Del Rey Singing 'You Must Love Me' Has To Make Madonna Proud

LDR breathes new life into the 'Evita' show tune

Last week, an extremely charming video popped up of Lana Del Rey singing and dancing along to her song "Cherry" at a karaoke bar with some fans. It makes sense that LDR, benevolent as she is, would want to give fans a positive experience, even in a casual setting.

That's why news of Lana dropping a new cover on Monday (March 5) also makes sense. The choice of song, too, is fitting: "You Must Love Me," from the musical Evita. It seems like the kind of emotionally vulnerable number about the labyrinthian mechanisms of love Lana has made a career out of singing.

Famously, Madonna sang the song in the 1996 film adaptation of the show. Lana's version, with its deep, infrequent percussion and gauzy atmospheric noises, wouldn't sound out of place next to, say, her song "Love," another moody and nocturnal musing on the subject.

This cover will appear on the album Unmasked: The Platinum Collection, a new roundup of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway hits, out March 16. Lana called the songwriter "one of my primary inspirations in music," via The Fader.

She's also apparently working on a Broadway musical of her own, so this could be the perfect way in. Check out the filmy cover above, and watch Lana give an update on her upcoming "Cherry" music video with MTV News below.