Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lana Del Rey Sang Karaoke And Danced With Her Fans Because She's Cool

'Cherry' karaoke = Cherryoke

Last year, on the carpet at the 2017 EMA, Lana Del Rey told MTV News to watch out for her upcoming "Cherry" music video, which was due to be shot by her sister, Chuck Grant. We still haven't seen that, and it's very possible we won't anytime soon, but in the meantime, there is some good news.

Early Monday morning (February 26), a fan posted a video to Twitter that could maybe act as a temporary stand-in for the proposed "Cherry" visual — a video of Lana and two fans singing and dancing along to the song together at a karaoke bar.

This may have been the song choice of the two folks up dancing with her, but judging by the chorus of voices joining in from the audience, it was also a gift to the entire bar.

LDR retweeted the video on her own page, then added some essential advice for anyone who ever happens to see her out a karaoke bar in the future: "If you’re at my karaoke bar and you know my [choreography] I will probably sing with you." Noted.

Watch MTV News catch up with Lana on the 2018 Grammys red carpet below.