Valee Is Officially Part Of The G.O.O.D. Music Family In 'Miami' Video

Pusha T is along for the ride

What says Miami more than haunted bars and lady ghosts? Today (February 27), Valee dropped the trippy visuals for "Miami" featuring Pusha T. Directed by Hebru Brantley, the Chicago rapper brings along the reigning president of G.O.O.D Music as they navigate what seems to be a haunted technicolor hotel.

The Chicago rapper also revealed on Twitter his GOOD Job, You Found Me EP is releasing this Friday (March 2). In February, Pusha T announced that the rising Midwest MC was signing with G.O.O.D. Music. In an interview with MTV News, Valee discussed what it is like to speak with Kanye West.

"I did speak with Kanye West on the phone though for about 20 minutes," said Valee. "That was a wonderful experience. Made me want to work harder, definitely. Yeah, very inspirational. A lot of about me and less about him. You know, it was a lot of, like, he congratulated me on my move...You know, just spoke on wanting to work and build and do cool stuff. So that in itself is enough to say, "All right, well, I'm gonna just continue working more."

Read the entire MTV News interview with Valee here.