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Chance The Rapper Has The Dad Raps Secure On 'Everything'

Chance the Babysitter?

Chance the Rapper seems like he's tired of multitasking. The Chicago rapper hopped on G Herbo's "Everything" featuring Lil Uzi Vert to discuss his growing résumé and responsibilities as a dad. Chance opens his verse with the lines, "I know I gotta do everything / Model, DJ, do hair, everything, babysit, strip, run scripts, everything."

According to Pitchfork, G Herbo called Chance "the unofficial mayor" of Chicago and praised his contribution to the track's remix.

"[Chance] just hit me out of the blue, like, 'Don’t shoot the video to 'Everything' w/o me bro,'" said Herbo. "I'm like, shit, better yet, you might as well just go crazy on it. And that’s what he did. Real shit, it's always been love between me and Chance, since we both started we always supported each other. His ass is really like the unofficial mayor here."

Herbo also shared how Lil Uzi Vert got on the record in an October interview with Billboard

"I’ve known Uzi for three years through my big bro, who is super close with [DJ] Don Cannon," said the Chicago rapper. " When I met [Uzi], there was a connection and he comes from what I come from – he’s just from Philly and I’m from Chicago. We were in the studio – we got a lot of records – and I was like, 'Hop on this record,' because I knew it would be a big record and I wanted it to go on my album."

Today (February 16), Herbo released the deluxe version of Humble Beasts, which includes 12 new songs. Listen to the album below.