Teen Mom OG Poll: Can Maci And Ryan 'Talk Out' Their Differences?

Bentley's parents had a miscommunication during tonight's episode

For the past several years, Maci has attempted to coordinate trick-or-treating outings with Ryan (and the outcome has featured the young father being late or missing the festivities entirely). And the inconsistent streak of Bentley celebrating the holiday with both parents continued: During tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the MTV mom and dad had a mix-up about timing -- and the miscommunication left the latter parent upset.

"I'll be here, but my ride has to leave at six and they should have planned it," Ryan told his mother Jen on the phone.

"Well, you can talk to her," Bentley's grandmother responded. "It's important that he sees you."

"Don't start that 'Bentley needs to see me s**t,'" Ryan angrily retorted.

Unfortunately for Ryan, he only got to greet his son before leaving with wife Mackenzie and her son Hudson (the three-year-old needed to be taken to his father's for the holiday). And when Ryan debriefed with Mac, he was positively fed up with the current circumstances with the mother of his child.

"It just blows my f**king mind that Maci thinks this is okay," he stated.

"At this point, I just don't think there's any way y'all can talk it out," Mackenzie replied. "There just can't be any of that."

Maci and Ryan have clashed when it comes to co-parenting -- especially since Ryan returned home from treatment. And this latest incident proves that they have a long way to go before any improvements can be made. But is Mackenzie right to say that they can't "talk" and ultimately solve their issues? Or is she mistaken, and they can eliminate the mistrust and hurt in order to move forward? Take the poll below, share your thoughts in the comments and keep watching Bentley and his loved ones every Monday at 9/8c.