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All The Ways Men Can Stand In Solidarity With Women This Awards Season

Beyond wearing black

The Golden Globes red carpet is set to be a complete blackout. After word got out that women attending the ceremony will be wearing black to protest the rampant sexual harassment in Hollywood (and, quite frankly, everywhere else), more than 300 women in Hollywood banded together to form Time's Up, a new initiative to tackle systemic sexism across all fields.

While women have been working hard to make positive change for themselves, stylist Ilaria Urbinati and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed that men, too, will be joining the protest by donning black to the celebrated event.

This proclamation was met with initial praise — because, of course, men supporting women is wonderful — then some head scratches, because, uh, what would a man wear to a black tie event if not a black tux? How will we be able to tell those wearing black in solidarity with women from those wearing black by chance? What will the non-protesters wear? And, most importantly, isn't wearing black to an event where they'd normally wear black actually the least men can do?

In response to the confusion, Jezebel recommended men wear jumpsuits with their salaries painted on them. While the intention is good, that request is probably a little unrealistic, not to mention that the big news from the night would probably shift to the men's salaries rather than female empowerment.

But all hope is not lost. Here are things men can do to stand in solidarity with women during awards season and beyond!

Wear an official Time's Up pin.

The must-have accessory of the season: the Time's Up pin. This black-and-white logo pin was designed by Arianne Phillips to perfectly match any black Golden Globes look, and every other look for the entirety of awards season. Wearing this pin will let everyone know that it's not just a coincidence that you're wearing black to this year's Globes.

Use your red carpet interviews for the greater good.

On their website, the Time's Up initiative fully spelled out what the issue is and how you can help. Study that. Think about it. Form opinions. Tell others.

Let women dominate the stage.

Since women have completely led the charge on this night, let them have the glory. If you're presenting on stage with a woman, let her speak before you. Let her speak more than you! Yes, you worked hard this year and deserve to be recognized, but chances are the woman next to you worked even harder for less pay to get to that spot just five inches to your left.

Acknowledge the women who have lifted you up.

This is so simple and so important. Every winner has time on stage to say whatever they want to say. If you find yourself on stage, don't forget the women who were pushing you to be your best: your female counterpart, your mom, the female assistant who got your coffee every day. You know, the ones who really made a difference.

Vow to be better.

Any time you are able to speak out on a public platform, use that time wisely. Be thoughtful in your statements and aim to inspire men in every parts of the country to make positive change. And if you haven't done your research and developed an informed opinion, let others speak out while you step aside. You don't want your lack of awareness to lead you into statements you'll regret, and it's hard to dance at the after-party with your foot in your mouth.