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Here's What Meghan Trainor's Fiancé Daryl Sabara Has Been Up To Since Spy Kids

He's been doing more than you think

Since getting engaged to Meghan Trainor, Daryl Sabara has been identified as two things: a Spy Kid and Meghan Trainor's fiancé. Although those may be two of his crowning achievements in the past 17 years, those aren't his only achievements.

In fact, quick scans down his endless IMDb page, dynamic Instagram, and chatty Twitter account show that Sabara, 25, has been pretty busy! Since it seems like he's going to be around for a while — and honestly has been around for a while — here are some other identifiers we can all use to recognize this former Spy Kid instead of just, you know, Meghan Trainor's fiancé.

  • Weeds Actor

    Believe it or not, there was actor life after Spy Kids for Sabara, with some pretty impressive roles. Among his most impressive was an arc on Weeds as Tim Scottson, Nancy Botwin's (Mary-Louise Parker) stepson, attempted assassin, and business manager. Sabara has also appeared in Friends, House, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Hulu's Resident Advisors.

  • Voice Actor

    He's way more than a pretty face. He's lent his voice to a number of shows, including Ultimate Spider-Man, Ben 10, and The Polar Express!

  • Theater Actor

    Just like his fiancée, Sabara is a natural in front of a live audience.

  • Musician

    He acts, and he sings! A few months into their relationship, Trainor told Chelsea Handler that her beau serenaded her constantly. "He plays guitar and piano and sings to me all the time," she said.

  • Twin

    It turns out, he's a twin! His fraternal twin brother, Evan, is also an actor and also appeared in Spy Kids and Spy Kids 3: Game Over as the "Intruder Spy Kid" and "Creepy Kid," respectively.

  • Friend of Chloë Grace Moretz

    Before he was Meghan Trainor's fiancé, or even her boyfriend, Sabara was Chloë Grace Moretz's friend. In fact, it was Moretz who first introduced the couple, so while we're doling out titles, we can throw "matchmaker" her way.

  • Dog Lover

    This is just one of the many sweet photos of Sabara cuddling with a canine.

  • Whale Kisser

    Apparently, Meghan Trainor's fiancé is also all about that beluga.

  • Expert #TBTer

    Scroll through his Instagram and you'll find a trove of excellent photos from the Spy Kids era and childhood photos, including this one, in which he posed beside a flower that was roughly the size of his face.

  • Enthusiastic Mover

    Sabara earned this title after his vigor compromised the sound on an electronic press kit (basically, a reel of footage and sound-bites from set), and he needed to redo the whole thing.

  • Karate Master

    We're not sure if the black belt or the Spy Kids training came first, but we are sure that we'll all rest a little easier knowing that Meghan Trainor's fiancé will always protect her.

  • Little Angel

    COME ON.

  • The Luckiest Guy In The World

    If you must call him anything, this is his preferred, self-imposed title. Awww.